Cups per 250cal scoop?

Hi all,

I have started using Soylent at the office, and like to prepare my Soylent by the scoop. For when I am preparing Soylent at home, I’d like to measure the same 250cal quantity by cup measurements. Until my second scoop arrives, would anyone happen to know how many cups per 250cal scoop?


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Can’t help but think that if you already have one scoop and a measuring cup you can answer this yourself.

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I weighed one cup of dry 1.4 and it was 126 grams, or about 548 calories. That means there should be about 0.46 cups (about 108 mL) per 250 calories. So that’s about nine-tenths of half a cup.

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It’s variable and depends a lot on how tightly you pack a measuring cup. I have 1.4 and the new scoop (I assume, since I started with 1.4). Two scoops is supposed to be 1-serving and 500 calories. But if I scoop down into the bag twice and weigh the powder, I’ve gotten quite a bit more Soylent than I should.

I say that to tell you this: I suggest you get a $10 scale from Amazon to make sure you know how much your scooping technique yields. It’s too easy with a liquid diet to inadvertently consume a lot more calories per day than you think.


The scale is a good suggestion. I’d like to make sure my current caloric intake is actually what I think it is.

I was very surprised how much more my 2-scoops were compared to what is should be. I’ll actually go measure right now so you have an idea.

UPDATE: I just got:

  • 134g from 2-scoops
  • 65g 1st scoop; 69g 2nd
  • One-serving is listed on the bag at 115g

That equates to considerably more calories than expected over a week, even a day - 1,736 and 248 calories, respectively. My scooping technique admittedly packs the powder, no doubt. But that’s really the only way you can do it with such a narrow bag and big scoop.

This is the scale I got: American Weigh Scales AMW-SC-2KG Digital Pocket Scale
It’s $18 and does tenths of grams, up to 2kg (which is why it costs a little more).

I’m shocked that nowhere contains the correct answer as I was hoping to save myself a few minutes today.

For Soylent 1.5:
OK 4 servings in one pouch, which is 115g x 4 = 460g
Which incidentally it says on the box.

I measured out the entire bag today, half cup at a time with a baking set. Then I did another bag just to make sure.

There are roughly 2.5 cups of powder to one bag.
Actually there was some residuals both times so its probably closer to 2.6 cups in a bag.

This means each cup is 800 calories (2000/2.5)
I needed a 1200 calorie day today because I’m having dinner with a friend so that’s 1.5 cups.

Since each official scoop is 250cal, that means there are 3.2 scoops per cup.

Sadly (or thankfully?) this answer will be redundant in a few more days.

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