Curb the cravings for crunchiness


So I have been on official Soylent for about 13 days now (about 95% because of my birthday or else it would be 100%). Anyways, the only craving I have had is a craving for texture. I have found a guilt free way of getting your daily crunch especially if you are trying to stay 100% Soylent. Celery! Celery is a delicious vegetable and your body burns more calories eating it than calories the celery has. It is absolutely genius and incredibly crunchy!


That’s not true about celery. It doesn’t have a lot of calories, though, and it certainly is crunchy.


I looked into this and multiple sources seem to agree that there is in fact no such thing as negative calorie foods. Which is actually astonishing because public media seems to consistently say otherwise. However celery is still very low in calories so I’ll just do a couple jumping jacks and I should be fine.


This seems like a great idea. Literally spent like 10 minutes trying to find a problem with it, but failed. :slight_smile:


Someone needs to invent crunchy gum, or wait, scratch that, I need to invent it and make millions off of all of you :slight_smile: