Cure for flatulence


Psyllium husk completely halted the flatulence for me. I take one tablespoon an hour before a Soylent meal, and furthermore do not eat solid food as part of the same meal. I see in the DIY section that some mix the psyllium into their Soylent. This would be ineffective for me, as the lead time is crucial. What happens is that the psyllium forms a clog through which Soylent cannot pass.

I saw no effect whatsoever from probiotics, drinking slowly, or skipping oil. The problem was that the liquid traversed my small intestine too quickly, and spilled into my large intestine, creating an epic smorgasboard for the flora there. I suspect this effect is more pronounced in vegetarians, who have a shorter “gut transit time” in general.

Hope this is helpful!


What version of Soylent are you using? Most of us found that 1.3 eliminated the gas either entirely, or very close.


I’ve used the official one all along. I have a problem with liquid foods in general for the reasons I described. This includes for instance whey protein drinks.


"Bismuth subgallate, with a chemical formula C7H5BiO6, is commonly used to treat malodor by deodorizing flatulence and stools. "

" As an internal deodorant, it is commonly used by individuals who have had ostomy surgery, bariatric surgery, fecal incontinence, and irritable bowel syndrome."