Curious about Soylent and ED


Hi, I’ve got a friend with an ED problem. I’ve ordered my first batch of original Solyent but haven’t received it yet…My friend has seen a doctor and has not been cleared of any medical reason for the ED yet.

I plan on letting him try a weeks worth of my order when it comes in to see if the trying something new thing might help him, but was wondering if anyone here has any experience with this sort of thing…

I plan on posting my experiences here once I get my order and can add a husband and wife take on things…

Thanks !


Erectile Dysfunction? Why didn’t you just say that first instead of sending me to google it?

Looking forward to hearing if it helps your friend. Not that I would benefit from it… Science


right, “a friend” :slight_smile:


ED is commonly used for “erectile dysfunction.” It’s like saying HIV instead of “human immunodeficiency virus.”


:stuck_out_tongue: Never heard the Acronym ED before today, mainly because i’m not American I suppose… you guys and your abbreviations…


ED can also stand for “eating disorder,” so I would say it’s ambiguous, especially in the context of Soylent.


Yep…Eating disorder…


My girlfriend has had issues with eating disorders in the past but she has it under control now. She seems really interested in soylent because it almost cuts out having to think about eating and drastically simplifies weight management. Hopefully after I’m on it for a while and get my weight managed she might decide it’s something for her as well.