Curious: How Often Do You Come Here?


As the shipping goes on, and I am seemingly no closer to my Soylent, I find myself obsessively checking the forums here.

My routine is to load up the blog, use the links there to open the Soylet FaceBook & Twitter in new tabs, and the forums in a third. I check that there’s nothing new on the blog, FaceBook or Twitter, then see what’s new in the forums and catch up with the official shipping / fulfilment thread.

I think the truly alarming part is that I do that far too often, sometimes as much as 10 times a day.

Am I the only one?


*replies within 3 minutes*
(so yes, I’m here often :))


I checked it pretty obsessively when I was waiting for by Soylent. Haha. I checked it multiple times a day, anxiously. I now check it once or twice day, in my free time.


Once a week or so…


@backXslash - Try to use this forum not only with update of delivery.
Digging it deeper - you can find a lot of suggestions how to eat, mix, bake soylent.
If you cannot wait - you may find guys who sell Soylent (but be quick) and sell DIY-soylent (like me).

And in parallel you will find out about proper eating much more. For instance, all that I knew from this forum about food is 10,000% to my knowledge before 2013-2014.


Here throughout the day. It’s really kinda sad…


I checked in (browsing) once every few weeks to check on the status of things. Recently began posting because I had a question about my orders, which Soylent hasn’t found the time to answer yet.

I’m cancelling my second order so I will likely go back to checking in every few weeks, until I get my backer order.


Me too. :stuck_out_tongue: I think I’m addicted.


Once when I wake up in the morning, and once when I get home from work. I may be logged in longer during the evening than the few minutes I have in the morning before work.


I only come here on 2 occasions: Day & Night. :smile:


I watch twitter throughout the day with all my normal news and article feeds. I WAS getting on here like twice a day when shipping started and things were being posted and answered fairly regularly (by a team member). As of late I’ll pop in every other day to see what new topics have gotten hot, scroll through the Shipping/Fulfillment and keep an eye out for a @JulioMiles sighting and then I’m pretty much done.


I’m checking it far too often. I can’t shake the feeling that when I go into the forums, I’m going to magically see some post that says “We are shipping Soylent to Tom (me) today! We hope he’s ready to take delivery…”

I would really love to see more videos posted of people’s experience. For some reason, that really gets me through the frustration of waiting…


I’m checking a couple times a day. It is silly really. The company has promised a great deal and not delivered on those promises. There is no logical reason to believe things will change any time soon. I just went back and read the email they sent two months ago when they started shipping. At that point, they said it should take a couple weeks to get Soylent to everyone!. It is two months later and there is still no definite date when they will fulfill all the preorders. I can’t tell if they are delusional or liars. I don’t know if it makes a difference.


A large part of the problem seems to be that Rosa Labs is not producing or packaging/shipping the Soylent. It’s being handled by two separate companies. Rosa Labs can’t just “hire more people” to make it go faster. They’re pretty much at the mercy of these companies. It seems like the biggest holdup is with either the manufacturing or the sourcing of the ingredients as when batches are sent out, they all kinda go out at once to a ton of people and then we have a lull for a while before more shipments are sent. Unfortunately, they won’t/can’t talk about it (possibly due to some kind of legal agreement) so all we can do is speculate.


I disagree. The use of third party services should let them scale up more quickly and lets them utilize the third party’s knowledge and experience. If a third party is not performing, they can find another company to contract with.


I really have no idea, but I would imagine finding a new manufacturer would not be an easy task. I think the manufacturer is also the one sourcing the ingredients, so they’d nearly be starting over from scratch.

I really wish they’d just tell everyone what’s going on and why it’s taking so very long to “ramp up” production.


I live here. My soylent farts just mask my awesome BO.


I usually check at least once a day. I find the time passes faster playing a good game, reading a book, or learning something new. It may not apply here, but a watched pot never boils.


I’m on a computer all day for work, so I just keep a tab open.


I am only on the forum when I am awake. I try to read EVERYTHING :slight_smile: and my god have I learned a lot about nutrition and health thanks to this forum. I am also getting my Soylent soon thanks to @axcho all the way to Denmark. I do look forward to the Soylent team update that says they will begin shipping to Europe :slight_smile:

Edit: My Soylent just arrived!!! But I am at work!! :confused: