Curiously Recurring LivingParadox Slog 2

It would deeply bother me to keep updating my slog that’s permanently stuck at Day 34, so I’m just going to start fresh on this one and just add a new post to it when I update. I won’t be maintaining this slog by edits, like I did previously.

Previous slogs:

It begins…
Back it again with the beige Soylent

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Day 237

So, a lot has happened since my last post. I’m still struggling with tiredness, but it seems to be related more to trouble sleeping and bad habits than food. I’m also horribly inconsistent with my vitamins, so its hard to be certain about results.

Addon Breakdown

  • Vitamin A (50/50 Beta Carotene and retinyl acetate; 1250; +25% DV)
  • Vitamin K (Menaquinone-7; 37.6mcg; 47% DV)
  • Vitamin C (ascorbic acid; 75mg; 125% DV)
  • Manganese (Manganese Amino Acid Chelate; 1.5625mg; +78.125% DV) // Honestly about twice as high as I’d like, but this comes out to splitting the vitamin I have int 32 portions. I really don’t feel like splitting it 32 tiny piles of manganese…
  • Salt (non-iodized; 1.5g; +25% DV)
  • MCT (coconut oil; 7.5ml; +35% DV)
  • Omega 3 (algae oil; 1.5ml; +650mg)
  • Omega 6 + Vitamin E (grapeseed oil; 2.5ml)
  • Iron (ferrous fumarate, amino acid chelate and citrate; 7mg; +38.75% DV)

The iron took me a while to find out and my tiredness was significantly reduce once I switched to it. Looking back, that might be because my gums were bleeding nonstop for approximately a stupid amount of time… They stopped recently, though!

I’ve also been really bad at staying away from non-soylent food, at least partially due to being really bad at including my addons. Aside from the oils and Vitamin C, I’ve usually just been popping the entire pill every so often, guestimating the time between needed. Trying to be better about it.

I’ve been focusing hard on maintaining good sleep and exercise habits (just one to three 30 minutes walks a day) as well as being better about my food habits. I feel like I’ve been steadily improving, but I’m still definitively sub-optimal still. Trying to turn my life around, and figured that getting back into tracking myself will help. Here goes nothing…


Maybe a discussion forum isn’t the best tool for blogging your Soylent experience?

It seems ok to me…


That’s a good point of consideration, @livingparadox. You are one of the two people here that is fun and/or interesting to follow long-term (the other being @mtandy). Have you considered starting a blog somewhere that would be solely dedicated to your experiences? It would be handy to follow your progressions without having to jump from one post to another, and weed through everyone’s responses (he says as he himself adds a post :smirk:).

(Hope this doesn’t come across as dickish. Because it isn’t meant to be.)


Personal experience posts aren’t usually interesting to me, but this does seem like an appropriate forum. There’s even an experiences category! Perhaps other people find them useful. It should have always been one thread per person rather than multiple, but from the sounds of it he plans on adding to this thread rather than creating new threads.

FYI to @livingparadox and anyone else, if you created this thread because you wanted the old thread’s title updated, any forum regular or moderator should be able to do that for you. I certainly wouldn’t mind updating thread titles for anyone who can’t (as long as I’m a regular), and if you don’t want to ask someone you could always flag your own post and ask a moderator to update the thread title.


It seems he always intended it to be a single thread (he even reserved several early posts to maintain space for updates), however at a certain point Discourse does not allow us to edit or own posts, so the forum software forced him into creating new threads rather than burying the updates 168 posts down the line.

I’d be happy to help with this a well if ever needed.


I forgot that was a thing I’ve been gone so long… yes, please. If someone could edit the title of my just previous post to match this one, I’ll move my update over to that post.

As to starting a blog… I don’t see why not. Guess I’ll have to actually finish by website, finally. XD


Of course, each unique title can only be used once (!), so I’ve updated the title from “Livingparadox slog - Day 34 - Wow I’m bad a this” to “Curiously Recurring LivingParadox Slog” and then added a 2 at the end of this thread’s title (because I’m not creative). Just let me know if you want it updated further.


Thank you very much! I’ve copied my post over to the other one. So for those interested, I’ll be updating my other post instead.

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Oh totally. I personally really like personal experience posts (especially @mtandy’s — I vote you keep on doing your thing chap, I’d miss it) and I agree they’re on-topic.

I guess I was just thinking that if you feel the need to edit the title of the thread repeatedly, you’re maybe going against the grain of how the system was designed. (Hopefully at this point it’s becoming obvious that I didn’t think my original comment through very far, and I’m not super-clear on how Discourse works.)

Maybe if a moderator could edit the title of the other LivingParadox Slog thread to something more general, and then updates just come as replies to that one thread? I dunno.


And whoops, all that has already been done. I am crushing it this morning.


Part of the problem was I got thrown off, because they allowed infinite edits for a long time, and that’s how I maintained my first post in a way that made it easy to read from beginning to end. I may have been abusing the functionality, but it worked well for me. It was a lot easier to keep up with than what I’ll be doing from here on until I start my blog.

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Right right. How did you edit your first post to make beginning-to-end reading easier?

If you look at the edit history, I just repeatedly edited the first post as needed. Was there something specific I did that you were asking about?

Oh yeah, I just meant like how did your changes make it easier to read?

Oh. Well, it was all in a solid sequence, rather than intermixed with comments from others. So you could see the full progression of updates without interruptions.

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Gotcha, that makes sense.

I think that’s what makes me feel like it’s going against the grain of Discourse’s design — without people replying and discussing (and therefore interrupting), it’s not really a forum any more.

Still, it is great reading about someone’s ongoing struggle with food. And it isn’t necessarily great to have endless discussions preserved; many of them are unreadable, as I think most people will agree who look back at the debate threads, such as the endless discussions of the price of Soylent.

For some kinds of threads, it would even be nice if there was officially an owner who could edit out irrelevant comments. That would work only for certain owners: for other owners, it would be a nightmare.


Oh it sure is. I think the “reply as linked topic” feature could maybe be used a bit more to keep discussions readable.

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