Curiously Recurring LivingParadox Slog

So… I was a proud, happy Soylenteer once before. Then… life happened. I had to give up Soylent. But… life happened again and now I get to have my delicious nutrition slurry again. I am very pleased by this.

Assuming people still do this, I shall resume my slog once my subscription hits me again.

If nobody does this anymore, I’ll quietly enjoy and track my Soylent adventures by myself.


I probably should have written this section up earlier, but I didn’t think of it until now. Up until today, I’ve been battling some fatigue and distractedness. Rather similarly to before I first started Soylent. I’ve been having… significant digestive issues as well. Given my previous experience, I’m confident that these issues will be significantly alleviated. Hopefully, unlike my previous experience, wading in slowly this time will prevent the unpleasant adjustment period.

Day 1

Soylent (1.5) arrived yesterday to the excitement of my fiance and myself. Unlike my previous run, I’m going to wade into the waters more carefully. Going to try one meal a day for the first week, two for the second, and full from the third week on. It has the additional advantage of giving my fiance a week’s worth without risking running short.

I originally planned to start it at the same time as the probiotics from general biotics, which made tremendous improvements in my digestion last time I tried it. Unfortunately, despite it being delivered shortly after the Soylent, I’m not able to find it today. I’ll have to start that tomorrow.

In regards to taste, 1.5 is radically different than 1.2 and back (I had to stop after 1.2 due to financial reasons). It was different than expected, though not bad. Kind of an earth/woody taste. That probably doesn’t sound appetizing, but it was nice.

I wasn’t that hungry, so I only had a small glass for breakfast. Will probably have a second cup later today (same size). Obviously its too early for any effects to hit (not even Soylent can digest in 15 minutes), but a combination of finally being semi-consistent with my vitamins and a healthy dose of the placebo effect has me feeling pretty good right now. Will try to update later today to see how my body reacts to it.

###Day 1 - Part 2

Forgot to make this update yesterday. I also failed to mention that yesterday I accidentally consumed my multivitamin just before eating Soylent because I was so used to it. Previously, I’ve noticed that I get lightheaded and dizzy when I take my vitamins too close together or don’t drink enough water to remove the excess (why? why do they do this?). I felt similar symptoms for an hour or two after drinking my cup of Soylent (not immediately after). I hope to avoid making that mistake again.

Satiety-wise, it worked far more intensely than expected. I had my Soylent around 10 or 11, probably. By the time I took my fiance out to eat for our anniversary around 5 or 6, I still wasn’t particularly hungry despite having an empty stomach and not having eaten anything besides the half-meal’s worth of Soylent. I think its quite possible that I could have gone longer without feeling hungry.

Did not notice any digestive problems that day. I think I was a bit less tired, but I also had finally managed to sleep consistently for a few days. I believe the improved sleep was the more likely cause of the reduced fatigue.

Day 2

Starting off my day with a small cup of Soylent again. Almost didn’t even finish the cup (once again, not even a full serving’s worth). Felt a mild craving for something sweet shortly before and after drinking it. Snacked on some Fig-Newmans (basically, Fig Newtons) that I had. I had a similar craving yesterday, but that went away after ignoring it for a bit. Probably should have done the same today, but I decided to go for it today.

I’ll try to make my part two update later today. Totally forgot to update the same day.

I ended up eating more Soylent later that day. A full serving this time. I actually didn’t eat much besides Soylent today. Broke my original intent, but it worked out okay. Despite thinking I might have been constipated, I had not digestive problems aside from the morning. Felt nice to poop normally again. There were a few gas incidents, but they didn’t seem to exceed what was normal prior to starting Soylent.

Day 3

Had a full serving of Soylent again today. I’m finding that Soylent is consistently very satisfying. Despite some cravings for fast food, I didn’t actually get hungry until around 3ish. I downed the last of my chips and salsa I had, along with some Sriracha hummus. It was satisfying.

Craving-wise, the cravings aren’t as clear as they used to be, but my salsa and Jack in the Box’s Homestyle Chicken have consistently sounded good (this was true pre Soylent as well. So I’m not sure if these cravings are actually very useful…).

Energy wise, I felt pretty good. More alert and less distractable. Haven’t had these moments of spacing out that I usually have. Hoping that continues forward. If it remains consistent throughout the next week or two, I think its fair to believe Soylent to be the cause. I don’t think I’ve gone more than 3 days without those spacing out moments for months. On the flipside of the energy, I ended up crashing for an hour/hour-and-a-half when I got home when I kind of had some other things to do… Hoping that was just from a bad sleep last night. We’ll see what happens.

Other notes: My log style seems to be rather rambling. Which my original log seemed to do at the beginning. It would be interesting to see if the rambling style continues, or (like previously) it slowly coalesces into a slightly more structured arrangement.

Day 34

So, I uh… I really dropped the ball on this log… sorry guys.

Quick summary of what I can remember from the past month.

I’m not dealing with many cravings, but I’ve been less satiated with this Soylent than I have with previous versions… I’ve been eating an additional dinner on top of the pitcher. This appears to have caused some weight gain, so I’m going to have to correct that. I imagined I’ll start being able to do some science once I stop having the extra meals.

I’ve been thirstier with Soylent too.

On the positive side, my energy levels have improved greatly. I don’t feel so ridiculously tired all the time. And I feel like I’m more clear headed. Still not the amazing awesomeness I recall hearing about in the early Soylent days, but its nice to have my head back again.




Nah, man. Powder or nothing.

Fiance will be on 2.0, though. Haven’t order that for her yet, as she gets uncomfortable with me spending a lot of money at one time. So I’ll probably order hers a month or two from now.


Forgot to reserve posts for the inevitable future… Oh well. Two posts before the reserved posts isn’t too bad.

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[ Reserved post, because I intend to enjoy Soylent in the long haul ]

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[ Reserved Post for the really long haul ]

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[ Reserved post for the heat death of the universe ]


Don’t forget to use a coupon code when you do. I just used one (20%) to order a months order of 2.0 for $278.40. :blush:


Noted… Will do. Thanks!

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Hey, I remember you… 2.0 got me back into it. Tastes just like soymilk that’s left over when you finish a bowl of cheerioughs. By back into it, I mean I’ll try it again at 3.0!


And when the dust has settled!

Good to have you back yo. The forum was dying and consistent without you @livingparadox
Looking forward to more slogs.


Haha, thanks. I was surprised there wasn’t more unread posts when I got back. I guess Soylent is less exciting and shiny than when it first came out. At least there won’t be any more “where’s my order?” and “the fulfillment order is unfair!” posts. I am looking forward to not seeing those.

In other news… Day 1 is up!


And to those who liked my topic in just theses few days, you really know how to welcome back a Soylenteer. :blush: Looks like my slog will be appreciated.

Also noticed some new faces in the likes, I look forward to getting to know the new people.


If shiny is what you’re after, you can use my bioluminescent algae recipe for cool blue Soylent. Not only is it calming to look at, it serves as a flash light in emergency situations.

The only downside I can think of is it might be dangerous and spontaneously kill me. But I try not to get tripped up by small things like that.


Haha. Tempting, but I’ll pass.


Day 2 and 3 are up. Forgot to update the second half of yesterday (shame upon me), so I just put in updates for both today and yesterday.


Day 34 is up. Sorry for falling behind so hard… And for having only a super tired post after all this time…

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Welcome back to the forum. It is slower than it used to be, but as you noted, there is a lot less complaining. Eliminating 6-month backlogs will do that.


The holidays are over, no more excuses. Get back to it. :wink: