Current journey with Soylent on a Partial Liquid Diet


So to start off with, I am a male, 33, and 266lbs.

My wife noticed she was gaining weight and wanted to go on a diet, so she did. I ended up dieting with her but I went a different route. She went with the slim fast diet, but couldn’t stand the drinks, so she went with just substituting the drinks with 200 calorie meals.

I ended up running with Soylent and replacing two of my meals. I would eat solids for breakfast and lunch, then for dinner and evening I would have Soylent. I utilized MyFitnessPal to figure out all of the calories. I figured out it would equate to 1900 calories.

In the past, I would range from 2500 to 3700 calories in a day. I also ate terrible food.

I ended up using Soylent Powder 1.8 for the first 14 days.

The first day I had Soylent, the taste was unbearable. It tasted like cardboard soy milk. Then I read some articles to put a dash of cinnamon in it. I did, and that helped.

Then I ended up trying a whole banana in a pitcher of soylent. This tasted a lot better. The banana taste masked the disgusting cardboard taste.

I have only been on this diet for a week, but I have already noticed about 3 lbs worth of weight loss. I am very happy about this. I did noticed yesterday that I felt dizzy. Apparently this is common if you drink coffee in the morning (which I do) and you are taking in less calories. This is because of dehydration. So I have been drink water more often and that helped significantly.

I am very happy with Soylent overall, but the taste of 1.8 is unbearable. I am glad I tried the banana tactic. Hopefully this will help someone.

Banana Soylent:
Pour some water and banana in a blender.
Blend until it is liquefied.
Put some soylent in, along with water.
Blend again
Then pour that into the free pitcher you get when you first become a soylent consumer.
Then pour more Soylent in the pitcher along withe water.
Close pitcher and shake.
Pour remaining Soylent in with water.
CLose and shake.
Put in fridge and let it sit over night.

Next morning shake the crap out of it and pour! Happy drinking!

I will update this post next week as well.


I also blend in frozen fruits, cold pressed coffee, 100% unsweetened cacao powder to my liking and have a variety. I like the newest powder just released and also drink it just the way it is.

I use frozen fruits because they don’t spoil and can get them at a wholesale store super cheap, super delicious.

I also went vegetarian and lost 70 pounds within one year. Never ‘diet’ - you’ll lose before you begin. Just change the way you eat.

To help prevent dehydration and the loss of electrolytes, try Sqwincher Zero quiksticks. No sugar, high fructose corn syrup, calories, preservatives, just pure electrolytes. These also stopped my nighttime leg cramps. [Amazon]


Huh. First time I ever heard of Sqwincher. Might be useful for Keto people, who need extra electrolytes or so they say.

Here’s your Amazon link.


How weird that you’re doing this now. I’ve been battling with weight for most of my life. Last June I stepped onto my scale and it read 330lbs. I’m 5’11". At once I started a sort of change in life style and within a few months I was down to 300. Then it got slow and it took the next three months to get to 290. Then I just hung out there until three weeks ago.

My issue is food control. So I decided to do something about it with Soylent. I spent an entire week doing test runs, taking notes on how my body reacted etc. My research is still far from conclusive. Here is some of what I’ve learned.

Don’t mix it with anything. This was hard for the first week but then it became routine. In my case I decided to take extreme steps that shouldn’t be taken, however my employment has next to no physical labor and I deemed it necessary. I decided on five snack sizes a day. That’s 1250 calories a day; again dangerous. I take them at 8AM, 11AM, 2PM, 5PM, and 8PM. That’s a three-hour block between each. I go to bed at 9PM and wake up at 7AM. The weekends are havens. I can do whatever I want, but I’ll note that in a second.

I got a decent size piece of heavy Tupperware that could hold a bag of Soylent and the lid formed a tight seal. I left a half cup measuring cup inside the container.

Mixing was the first hurdle. It took forever to mix it in a coffee cup. Then I had what I consider a stroke of brilliance. Mason jars. On an unrelated note, I also discovered that I can scramble eggs for French Toast in a mason jar and it works perfectly. At first I was putting the powder into the jar, then the water but this made it a bit harder to shake the mixture. So I reversed the steps. It worked way better, but had a few issues. I had a hard time getting the powder into the jars. I got a mason jar funnel and that fixed the issue. Then I realized that I was only having three meals at work. So I decided to put the powder into three jars and take them to work instead of the Tupperware, funnel, and single jar. At some point I went back to powder then water since it was tedious carrying a one cup measuring cup and I kept forgetting it at work.

I discovered that I had to let the mixture sit for 10 minutes after mixing to remove burps and farts, completely by accident. During early trial runs, I would let the coffee cup sit to try and get rid of clumps. I never changed this and it only occurred to me later when my sister had gas trying to imitate me. I had her let it sit and low and behold, a missed research note was added to my notes. It also tastes better if you let it sit. Don’t make it too far in advance as it gets sour in two hours. No idea why since there isn’t any extra gas in the jar which would show signs of fermentation.

On the weekends I eat what I want. However, after the first week I can’t seem to eat as much. I fill up faster. I also get annoyed at cooking. Doing a snack of Soylent only takes a few seconds and the jar rinses out creating no dishes. Still, I love eating. I realized early on that candy is a no-go after my sister brought in a box of Reese’s Cups. That took the second week to recover from.

I figured out something I call result noise. It’s fluctuations in the data cause by poop in the system. After two to three days, the noise is gone. Without the noise in the calculation I know I have base weight, or the lowest possible weight. I weigh myself in the mornings right after getting up and before I drink any water. A shirt, socks, and underwear only. I do this daily and record it on a spreadsheet with a graph.

In three weeks, I’ve gone from 292, to 274. The noise was about 6.5 lbs. So in reality, I’ve gone from 285.5 to 274, so 9.5 lbs in three weeks. I only do this Monday through Friday and I messed up one Monday, so fourteen days. That’s not bad. It’s sustained weight loss. I found that licking a block of salt kills my cravings during the week.

As stated, this is inconclusive. My target weight is 220lbs. However, I’m currently aiming for the 260 range at base. 1250 calories is just above starvation mode, so I have to be careful to not exert myself during the week. I can do my workouts on the weekends without issue.

These are the more important of my notes. I did mess up badly the first day. I took a Vitamin and had a minor overdose of Iron. Thankfully it didn’t have any lasting effect beyond a minor silent migraine that night.


April 7

Huh. First time I ever heard of Sqwincher. Might be useful for Keto
people, who need extra electrolytes or so they say.

Here’s your Amazon

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April 7
I also blend in frozen fruits, cold pressed coffee, 100% unsweetened cacao
powder to my liking and have a variety. I like the newest powder just
released and also drink it just the way it is. I use frozen fruits because
they don’t spoil and can get them at a wholesale store super cheap, super

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Wow. It is awesome the people are replying to this post. I honestly thought no one would.

It is a full second week, and I am at 260.8 from 268. Very happy.

I agree with kayot. It is tought to lose weight, and you do eventually plateau. I also am going to have to continue monitoring my calories after i am done with this diet. I agree with other people that dieting just fixes the problem temporarily and that you have to change your life style, but that is extremely tough to do.

My wife and I have found that we have too much time on our hands. We are binge watching shows out of sheer boredom. I have been trying to find stuff for her and I to do, such as go Pokemon Go hunting or go to the movies, but it is tough.

I did end up trying Soylent 2.0 Cacao and found it tasted great but was very thick with the chocolate flavor. After having two bottles of it, I started having farts extreme. My only guess is that it was the heavy flavor. I didn’t mind though since I could stomach it.

My wife has lost a lot of weight and has said that her jeans are fitting her a lot better. Not sure how much she has lost though since she won’t tell me.

I may visit Soylent again after this month is up, but I may only have it on occasion, whenever I need a quick fix rather than going out and getting junk food at the store.


Friend, that is tragic! Look into volunteering – for any nonprofit whatever. Try volunteer match or any other means of listing volunteer opportunities.


lol, I have that gas issue when I eat green bananas so I use Gas-X or what’s on sale - problem solved.

Walking is always a great way to get motivated, clear your mind, take the time to see what is actually around you, listen to the birds and try to identify them by their sounds, talk with your wife about your future plans - present day plans.

do some Spring cleaning! My son will be going to Brown University for his Ph.D. in mathematics so I’m cleaning everything out - donating what’s good - sending old family photos to those who they should be with, so I can downsize to a small one bedroom place. It’s a lot of work shredding years of old papers you hang on to or photo’s you have no clue why you have them. It keeps you busy so you’re not thinking about - food.


Thanks for this. I’ve been experiencing dizziness and I was not sure of the reason. I am a morning coffee drinker as well, so I will make sure to drink lots more water in conjunction with soylent and coffee.