Current Production and Fulfillment Status (Updated 9/3)


Hi Everyone,

It’s been exactly 5 weeks since my last big post, so I wanted to give an update on where we currently stand in terms of both production and fulfillment.


  • We are currently finishing up our second major batch production at RFI and have the third solidly in the pipeline
  • We changed our oil bottle filling company recently but this has had limited impact on production and no impact on product formulation
  • We are looking forward to switching to a more streamlined box and better pouch zippers in the near future (we don’t have an exact date for the switch, but all of the materials have been ordered and as soon as we do - we will let you know!)
  • We are working diligently on continuously improving the product based on feedback from our backers and are excited to share updates as soon as things are finalized


  • We have finished nearly all of the 1 month and larger crowdfunding orders and are moving into 3 week and 2 week order sizes (if you have a 1-month crowdfunding order and haven’t received it yet, don’t worry - we are still doing a clean sweep of our customer data to find any edge cases and will ask people to get in touch with us if they somehow were missed once we finish this exercise)
  • Our speed of shipping (on a unit basis) has more than doubled week over week for the past few weeks, so all of the production, supply chain, and customer support work we have been putting in is now visibly paying off
  • We should be finishing up crowdfunding backer orders within the next 5 weeks!
  • For ecommerce customers who got the first delay email, we are still on track for the timeline outlined in that email
  • To restate - any ecommerce customer that has not received a direct delay email has not yet been identified as affected by an additional delay
  • The address update emails we have been sending to backers and customers have been highly effective in ensuring we send Soylent to the right place - thank you for your patience and participation!

Questions / comments / thoughts / feedback?

I’ll address questions throughout the next few days and apologies in advance if it takes me a bit to reply! It’s a busy time making it rain Soylent!

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The community thanks you for the update and for keeping up with communication. Keep it up!


Is there a chance you haven’t emailed all delay affected customers? I should be at week 15 now I think, which puts me in ecommerce delayed customer state, but both mails (2 accounts) haven’t received a delayed mail.


Ana, thanks for the update!!
I hope this isn’t a bad question but I’m a bit confused…
If this might be shipped in a “few” weeks (2 weeks so to speak) or 4-6 weeks?? More then a few

“demand, along with packaging changes we recently made to make Soylent even easier to integrate into your life, has pushed back the ship date of your order up to an additional 4 to 6 weeks.
As we prepare to ship your order in the next few weeks, we wanted to make sure that we have the correct address on file.”

On another note, I’m not sure if this is my 1 week backer pledge or my 1 month order subscription I’ve placed (using the same email)


Sorry about the confusion!

This was for your 1-month subscription order. We will be getting to your backer order before that and then your subscription order will be issued 1 to 2 weeks later as a reorder, so this actually might not be 4-6 additional weeks of waiting for you! :smile:


Sweet! Thanks (crossing my fingers :] )


Glad to see an update, but a little disappointed to see 5 more weeks of backer orders predicted. I’m celebrating 15 weeks out today, so 5 weeks of backer orders puts customer orders coming out in the later part of the 18-22 week window. The supply chain sounds a little more solid now though, so that’s great news.


@ana - Slightly OT but what about Europe?


“- To restate - any ecommerce customer that has not received a direct delay email has not yet been identified as affected by an additional delay”

This was the most interesting bullet point in that update.

I don’t expect to get my shipment before the crowdfunders or kickstarters get their shipments… (Rest assured, if you end up delaying mine in order to finish them off I’m not going to be perturbed in the least. They certainly deserved to be fulfilled before me.)

But as someone who did not receive a notification regarding a delay… and I have been keeping an eye on my spam folder just in case… this has me hopeful that I will still receive my shipment “on schedule.” (Of course, I live within 40 miles of Rosa Labs… so the only problem you guys would have with fulfilling my order is product availability-- it would definitely not be a shipping problem.)


International orders?


Good news. Thanks for the update!



I really do like Soylent. It’s just a shame I can’t get any from the actual manufacturer.

Waiting 9 months for a 1 week supply? Yeah, that’s totally not indicative of a bad business model.

Great product, awful company.


I ordered April 24th for a 1 month supply, so I definitely see myself as an edge case. I still haven’t received any emails regarding my order. Perfectly willing to wait for my order, but a clarification on when you would like people to contact customer service regarding 1 month orders would be appreciated. Thanks for the update!


@Foulzor one month orders placed before May 6 have all ostensibly already been shipped. Yours must have fallen through the cracks. Tagging some key individuals so they can look into it: @JulioMiles @MattCauble @ana


Know what would be cool… if they actually put these updates in highly visible areas… or atleast pinned it… the only thing thats been pinned here is the moderation update which is completely useless for people wanting to actually know about whats going on with their orders they paid for up to a year ago… Awful company continue to makes awful decisions


But as someone who did not receive a notification regarding a delay…

Got my “address confirmation & delay notification” email yesterday.

4-6 additional weeks estimated before my product will be delivered.

So, from the outside, it looks like they’re notifying people only as their original delivery date approaches in order to control the rate of responses from customers.


Any word on international deliveries (3 months) from the original campaign?

Long time without any emails.


Thanks for the update…Finally got my hands on some second hand official Soylent and it’s DEFINITELY for me!! with this update i can plan on how to ration what i have left…hope the estimates are correct…fingers crossed…don;t want to think about going back to the DIY…real soylent tastes SOOO MUCH better.


Don’t bother, mate. We don’t matter.