Current shipping time

How has everyones shipping been lately my last month took a extra week than normal

I checked with logistics and all shipping should be normally. Occasionally hiccups happen on Fedex’s end (lost packages).

I think I’ve always gotten orders in less than a week. There have been some problems in the past. Twice I think. I haven’t personally been affected though. I just always have enough sitting that I don’t care if it takes two weeks to get my order.

I have zero complaints on shipping. For those of you who are (relatively) new, I can’t tell you what a sea change this represents–the kind of thing that gives hope for all facets of the company. Once upon a time, in a dark forest far, far away, there were people who waited five or six months to get a shipment, sometimes longer. I never wait five days anymore, and I usually don’t wait at all.


I got my last shipment of 2.0, paid on April 11, on April 12. All shipments have been prompt for quite some time.

My first shipment, about a year and a half ago, took about six months, and I had given up on it. When my friend told me I had a large package at my front door, I had no idea what it was till she said the word “soylent”.

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My current shipment of 1.5 is coming from Pennsylvania. This surprises me, since I am less than one FedEx truck delivery day from the California originating facility. It must be more expensive to fly a plane from PA than to drive a truck from the next county.

Something must be up locally.

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Maybe a sign of 1.6 coming soon? Anyone else in California getting shipments of 1.5 from PA? For those receiving 1.5 in the last few days, what was the expiration?

The last time I had a shipping delay (of 2.0) was right on the cusp of the transition to foil sealed bottles…

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1.6 is coming soon. I probably say the word soon the most. But it’s being worked on. I taste it every other day.


Ship date:
Thu 6/02/2016
Lancaster, PA US
Scheduled delivery:
Wed 6/08/2016 by end of day
Customize Delivery Request Notifications Obtain Proof of Delivery
Travel History
6/03/2016 - Friday
5:14 am
Left FedEx origin facility
6/02/2016 - Thursday
6:30 pm
Arrived at FedEx location
12:36 pm
Shipment information sent to FedEx
12:00 am
Picked up

As you can see from the above copy-and-paste, my California Soylent 1.5 order hasn’t left Pennsylvania for a long time. It says it is due in Agoura Hills, Ca by tomorrow. I will wait to see if it arrives. Yes, l could write to Customer service, but why should I have to nursemaid my order – how about RL simply makes sure it arrives?

Could you PM me with the email you used to contact our customer support team.

I didn’t contact the Customer support team.

I have a subscription to Soylent 1.5. I got a message saying my order was shipped. It is due tomorrow, but accorting to your records, it is in Pennsylvania today. I am in California.

I was just hoping that since you said it was shipped, it was shipped. And that since you said I’d get it tomorrow, I would get it tomorrow. Is that too much to ask?

I will see if I get it tomorrow, as you stated.


Then it should be get on a plane to fly to you today. If you have an issue with you order contact customer support:

My 1.5 shipment (to California) is on the same truck/plane… Also departed 5:14am from PA. Supposed to arrive Wednesday (tomorrow).

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My conspiracy theory here is that if they are shipping multiple shipments from PA to CA (instead of CA to CA), then they are finishing up the v1.5 stock. V1.6 in the next ten days.


Seems my 1.5 arrived today at Bloomington,CA from PA at 2:08pm… So I guess it will be here tomorrow.

Hopefully it’s a 1/17 batch…

Yes, mine too! My shipment says hi to your shipment on the plane!

That fits well with my conspiracy theory that they will be switching before my first order of 1.5 (14 bags) runs out. I’ve got 11 bags left.

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Turns out it’s the (in)famous L5259 batch, exp 9/16