Curry flavored soylent


I tried making some curry soylent. I made some curry sauce, based on this recipe.

it made about 1/2 cup of sauce. I put 2 tablespoons in 500ml of soylent, so the entire patch would flavor a pitcher. It was ok. Biggest problem was that I didn’t get the garlic smooth enough so there were chunks, but that is easily adjusted. I think I would also replace the oil in the sauce with the soylent oil, rather than having it in addition. The taste was underwhelming, it didn’t come through as strong as I’d like, and the flavor from that recipe wasn’t quite what I was envisioning either. But, it was palatable, and I’m sure the recipe could be improved.


I would recommend creating a DIY recipe that is Soylent Curry Sauce. Something I’ve thought about is making a Sriracha that has a complete amino acid profile, vitamins and minerals, fat and is low in carbs. The idea of putting a spice that enhances the nutritional quality of my meal is very appealing.


That is far too much work. I just want to flavor soylent, not mess with DYI


If I recall, @rob went to a flavor factory recently. It may point to the possibility of Rosa Labs releasing flavor packets or flavored Soylent in the somewhat near future.


Bacon flavored Soylent, hummmmm might work.