Custom Blended Soylent via Nesspresso


Is it possible to track your nutrient intake or levels in a simple fashion, then feed that data to a machine that can make a properly blended mix tailored to your body? Because NESPRESSO is about to do that:


If people thought soylent was expensive then they are going to be blown away at the expense of the machine and the pods to throw in it.


This Startup Will Make You A Personalized Health Plan Based On Your Genes

Maybe Nespresso can get together with these guys:

A new startup is spending millions of dollars on a dashboard that lets doctors build health plans for patients based on their DNA.


It’s good to have cartridges with filled soylent.
But what about measuring your intake? How much of them to eat?

Designing WESNA - our 100%FOOD Machine we build in a module, that can get data from your wearable device, a calorie tracking mobile app or calculates daily intake according to your personal parameters. Then machine can make a customised soylent for you to drink like an espresso.

@JediChris1138 - can you compare both approaches?


Some kid invented a computerized cup that gives you a breakdown of all the nutrients in whatwver you pour into it


@Spaceman, What exactly does the machine customize? Is it changing the ingredients for each of your meals, or is it just adjusting calories? If it’s just calories then you could do the same thing with a simple app that tells you how much to drink each meal.


Thanks for the question @casssax

Initially we designed machine that can dispense ingredients and cook meals according to any formula. As you can imagine - the list of those ingredients is too big and such a machine cannot be cost effective for the regular user. So we decided to start from more simple version - that allows you to dispense meals from several pre-mixed blends - Soylent, People Chow, 100%FOOD, etc.

Regarding measuring your daily intake and suggestion how much to drink per meal - we will build in machine a Body Mass Index calculator and plan to sync machine with all existing apps and wearables. If you can suggest that apps - it will help us not to miss any of them.

P.S. If you want to be a beta-tester - let me know. We will have 20 machines for tests in Sept-2014.


I would test that! I’ve done quite a lot of Beta-Testing in my day. I used to work for Digital Domain!


Cool @JediChris1138!

Can you describe the place where do you think to place a machine?
It should be rather crowded to collect a feedback from multiple users.


Hm… How much space does it take up? I could put it near my office, maybe, if we have space. There are about 55 people here. I’d have to ask around a bit, though.



Vending machine for tests will look like regular cola vending machine.
55 people is good, by the way - where is your office located?


Whoa! That’s a lot bigger than I thought. Is this a pay-to-use device, or will it just work?


Vending version is a pay-to use device, for sure.
But we can manage pricing - if you want to make it available for employee for free.