Custom Delivery Dates?

It would be really nice would be if you could dictate your delivery date.

This could not only help people with different schedules, but also allow a lot more nuance to the subscriptions. You could for instance, get 24 bottles every 5 weeks delivered on Thursday.
Or 28 bags delivered every 3.14 weeks.
Or pausing a subscription if you go on vacation, and resuming it the day you come home.

Scheduling a delivery for an exact time (8:30AM on Tuesday) might need to wait till drones, and fedex might not have consistent delivery times, but adding a calendar to the subscription screen to choose the ship date should be doable.

That would be entirely on Fedex/whoever they used to ship it to you though.
Custom shipping dates is more reasonable.

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The problem with that is that guaranteed delivery dates cost a lot more. I’d rather keep Soylent cheap. Or maybe if there’s enough demand for this then RL could offer such special shipping services at an extra charge as an alternative to free shipping.

But I’ve found that fulfillment time has been pretty consistent for me(7 days, if I place an order late in the evening). So if you figure out your typical fulfillment time, you can just unpause your subscription on a specific day so that you know what day it will be delivered. So, in my case, if I want my package delivered on a Thursday then I would unpause my subscription on the evening of the Thursday before.

This is already possible. You can pause/resume your subscription at any time on your account page.


[quote=“Prairiepanda, post:4, topic:24036”]
This is already possible. You can pause/resume your subscription at any time on your account page.
[/quote]But you cannot schedule an pause/resume.

You can’t decide on monday to resume on thursday. You have to log in on thursday and resume.

It would be nice if the Soylent fulfillment were more consistent… The billing certainly happens every 28 days and usually the “Shipping label” email is within 24 hours of that… But it seems the time between the label is created and it actually arrives at Fedex can vary from a day to 5 or 6… I’m not sure if this logjam is on the Soylent side or Fedex, but I would imagine (incorrectly it seems) that the labels would be created/emails sent as the boxes were heading to the dock for pickup.