Custom Personalized Soylent


Just saw this site. I wonder if it’s a real attempt or just some web site someone made.

Custom Personalized Soylent

Cutting Edge Technology
Robotic Assembly Line designed at the The Robotics Institute - Carnegie Mellon University

Design your own mix by choosing from the 200 most popular DIY soylent ingredients for a completely custom-made powdered food shipped within 24 hours.

Powder and Oil Mixes
Choose from 175 nutrient options and 25 lipid (oil) products


Wow that’s pretty dang cool… wonder how the pricing compares.


A little of both, I think. They’re built on a platform that’s based on the idea of just getting your name out there and seeing if people bite.


If they can do what they claim then that would be great. The graphic of the robot arm leads me to believe it is all hype though. I’m not sure buying in bulk would be enough of a profit margin though. They claim they can get it to our door for cheaper than we can make it.

I would guess this will be the only kind of producer that will exist after a while. Once we can get the same kind of super fine rice plus vitamin mixes to order, then there would be no reason to go anywhere else. Eventually we will probably be able to get algae or bacteria or nanobots or whatever to produce whatever we want in huge quantities.

Rosa Labs strategy seems to be looking for the perfect recipe. I think that is doomed to failure in the long run. Hopefully they will either roll with it and do basically the same thing this web site claims to do. Of course the long run may be 50 years from now. I just hope they fix the death gas issue so I can give them more money. I like to reward people that have made my life so much better. :smile:


A good way to test the validity of the site is to order a visually identifiable recipe and see what you get. If it looks and tastes like the ingredients you ordered then you kinda have to assume it is legit.