Custom scheduled deliveries like


Have you seen They’ve been running a beta program in the states for a bit now. Basically you sign up, put down your taste preferences and rate of delivery, and the packages start showing up customized to your flavour desires.

To do this they got angel funding to build a custom machine to fulfill each order. It even prints out a card with the customer’s name and the calculated nutrition information on the back.

A longer term goal for Soylent could be something along these lines. Based on a person’s BMI, allergies, weight goals, sex, and amount of exercise, an algorithm could custom mix their order, put it in a box, and slap a shipping label on it.

Well, a guy can dream, can’t he?

P.S. I love
P.P.S. No I don’t have any invite codes.


Definitely what we are envisioning in the future!


Not only did I fall in love with Graze, but I convinced at least 5 of my co-workers to try them out as well. Never knew how they were able to keep everything so custom. Thanks for sharing.