Customer Service (a specific problem and some general feedback)

I have 2 main issues here.

  1. First, it’s really about my particular order. (I’m in Canada btw)

I have a subscription for 5 box of 1.5 Soylent powder each month, September 8th was the date it made it’s first automatic purchase. Everything on the website seem fine, payment made, status = shipped, get a Shipping ID on the website.

However, I never received any email about it, about the tracking number or anything. So after a few days of nothing I start getting worried, I send a message to customer service with the shipping ID. (because I also ordered a box of 2.0 bottles the day after, which went fine, I sent the shipping ID for the order I actually have not heard about)

(2 days after) Answer 1 : Your shipment is fine and was actually delivered to you.
Problem with answer 1 : The person is referring to the wrong order, the 2.0 bottles, even If I clearly specified the good shipping ID (for my 1.5 powder subscription) So I sent back an email explaining that this is for another order.

(2 days after) Answer 2 : You’re right, there is a problem with the order. You used a CP address, to which Purolator cannot ship to, and there is no way to force an order to go with Canada Post. Sent us a home address and we will ship another.
My answer : Fine, I understand the problem. I send my home address and change it on the website.

(the next day, Sept 17) Answer 3 : Made another order with the good address, you should receive a confirmation through email with tracking number.
Me : Good !

(Five days later, Sept 22) Me : I haven’t received any email or tracking information yet. I am getting worried again that something may be wrong.
(Same day, Sept 22) Answer 4 : Everything is normal, it’s being processed, you should receive tracking information soon.

(Sept 24) Me : Still nothing and still worried. No sing at all in my email about any tracking number and all.
(Sept 28) Answer 5 : Here are the tracking number, it seem to have been delivered today.
Problem with answer 5 : Checking the tracking page on Purolator, it seem that today the shipment was shipped and delivered back to the warehouse in Mississauga, Ontario, after spending 5 days waiting for me to pick up. On Sept 21 they claim they tried a delivery (but I was at work !) and they never actually left me any paper. And since I never received any tracking number and that the customer service told me that it was probably being processed, I had no way to know that I had to pick a package at a point of service somewhere.

So today I sent an answer explaining that I still want it and that I want someone to give me tracking information this time.

I know it’s long, but it’s been going on for a little while now.

My theory on what happened that caused the problem on the second shipment (the one that spent 5 days waiting for me at Purolator). I think that the person that made a new order for me never actually gave the Canadian company in charge of shipment my email address, so they never sent me a tracking number. And somehow the guy who went to deliver my package was feeling lazy this day and never bothered writing me a note they actually stick on your door. All that combined it created that whole very frustrating situation.

However, I have a complain about Soylent Customer Service. Apart from the waiting time (I understand that somehow as a small company you may not be able to answer the big volume of message you receive), I have a general issue about the fact that twice in my exchange with the Customer Service, I actually got a “bad answer” that came from the fact that the person answering wasn’t paying enough attention or didn’t really “bothered” to really check what was happening.

The first time it was when they answered me back that my order was fine referring to another order that shipped the day after, even if I did send the right Shipping ID in my message first.

The second one is more annoying to me. Sept 22 : after I asked and mentionned that I didn’t received any tracking information yet or any email, they simply answered me that it was being processed and that it was fine. But actually now that Customer service sent me the good tracking number today, I know that 1. Soylent Customer Service is actually able to get the tracking number for me, and 2. The same day they answered me saying that it was normal and being processed, actually it was totally wrong, there has been an attempt at delivery the day before, and this same day it was waiting for me to pick it up at a Purolator point of service. However, the person at customer service, instead of sending me the information I was asking for (Tracking number), they sent me a generic answer that simply wasn’t true about my shipment at the time.

Those two things bother me, that Customer service twice gave me answers where they actually really didn’t check things out for me like I asked. I feel like I have to send more and more message to get someone to actually help me with the shipping issues I seem to have.

(I understand that it is probably related to the fact that you are having a hard time managing the volume of demand right now, but still I feel like I have to complain and mention it somehow.)

Sorry for the long post.

Thank you for reading.



I’ll be talking with our operations team about this, I’m sorry for your frustrations.