Customer Service -- Believe it or not


Today I suddenly decided to pause my account for four weeks because I have 4 extra boxes of Soylent. Unfortunately, the money from my subscription was scheduled to be taken TONIGHT. Then when I tried to activate a Pause on my subscription portal, there was a technical issue and it wouldn’t take my pause! So at about 1 p.m. I emailed customer service. I got a response in less than an hour thanking me for reporting the glitch and telling me that my order has been paused! Thanks, Laura, for doing what I thought was impossible.


Customer service at Soylent is seemingly really good nowadays, if all the feedback is to be believed. Thanks for sharing your experience!


Except that guy @Conor.




:speak_no_evil: I try!


I contacted customer service recently with multiple questions about shipping. All were answered quickly and informatively. So 5/5 for their customer service based on my experience.

EDIT: Have to change to change this to a 4/5 at best. I was told I would have shipping information within 48 hours and did not. Outside of that one piece of faulty information, I was given good information, but I wish they would’ve told me there would be a wait instead of leading me on to believe I would have information within 48 hours.