Customs duty & VAT situation in UK


Does anyone know what the customs duty and VAT position is for Soylent received in the UK?

Typically, VAT is 20% and not payable on foods generally, but whether Soylent counts as food, medicine, luxury item or anything else, I don’t know.

Customs applies to lots of goods purchased outside the EU over a certain amount, but again, on food?

If anyone has information on this I’d be very grateful, since VAT and/or customs also incur brokerage fees, and this can be prohibitive, e.g. I recently ordered an electronics item from the US for $89, and the VAT + brokerage came to $38!


One chap did a bit of reading up here:

I’m not sure if we’ve got confirmation from anyone who’s reshipped Soylent to the UK. I’m trying to gather details on that: