Cystic Fibrosis - lower absorption of fats + higher calorie needs ; any comments?


Hey guys,

I have Cystic Fibrosis with is a gene defect that affects my nutritional intake a lot.

My physician told me that I need to have about 130 % of calories that “normal people” need. Basically I would run through Soylent faster than others, then. Except if I tune up with regular food and still take a day’s worth of Soylent. Given that I probably can’t get Soylent (or an alternative like Schmoylent) right now anyway (I am in Europe), I should probably opt for DiY. I figure I just increase the flour and oils (since I can’t ingest fats right) to get a larger amount of calories… Any comments?

To offset my bad capabilities to absorb fats and fat-related vitamins (A D E K) I get the prescribed pill described here: .

Should I even account for this pill? Should I ignore it’s existance in soylent-related DiYs? Because some DiYs tend to go OVER the maximum allowed amount for a vitamin when I add this pill. I figure that because I absorb it badly, it actually will be a lot less (and under the maximum?) for me. But I don’t know. Anyone have any advice in this direction?


Talk to your physician. Blood tests before and after/during would probably be a good idea as experimental evidence is better than any theorycrafting.


That makes sense… Though I remember I told her about Soylent and showed her a recipe on DiY once and she said that something like this would be okay, if I thought about the 30% extra calories. I’ll ask her again if I need to ignore the existance of the ADEK vitamin mix and still reach (another) 100 % coverage. Maybe she can tell me exactly. In the meantime, maybe someone else can comment on that…


I believe that you can get Schmoylent shipped to Europe. I’ve seen several of the sellers in the DIY marketplace shipping worldwide.


There actually is a german version of Schmoylent available here:

I’m thinking of trying it out.


As least Omega-6 as possible and as most Omega-3 as possible. Go for high-fat and high-protein content over high-carbs. Even if you haven’t been diagnosed with diabetes, you probably present signs of delayed insulin response like almost all pancreatic insufficient CF kids do.