Dag nab it, I forgot to make a pitcher of Soylent last night


Aye miss ma lent of the soy variety…Seriously. I had to stop and buy breakfast {2 bagels with lox spread} and now have to run out {in the rain} for lunch {a couple of turkey wraps}…

While getting out of the office of good for the spirit, it’s a pita today and really makes me focus on how much easier Soylent makes things for me.


Same here, wow.
Fell back to my former breakfast (sausage egg and cheese mcgriddle +OJ)
Don’t know what Lunch will be, Work is buying so it may be pizza.


Ditto here, still feel not-great from breakfast and about to go get a sandwich I’ll regret from next door. We’ll see how my trip to the gym goes after work this afternoon :frowning:


Lol :slight_smile: Post-it note by the bed: Mix the Soylent, plug in the car…
I ran out (Schmoylent) yesterday and mixed a batch early evening thinking that 4 hours in the fridge would be sufficient for a late night snack but that was not the case :frowning: It seems my little fridge needs a good 8+ hours to cool the concoction to optimal smooth cool yumminess.


Try adding ice cubes when you first mix it. Mini ice cubes would be best. They’ll melt as your soylent cools and the whole batch will be colder sooner.


#firstworldproblems :smile:



I feel your pain. Forgetting to stay stocked up on Soylent once you’re accustomed to it, is just awful. LOL


Keep a bag at work as well… not brain surgery kids.


Unless you’re tired of hearing comments about your drink when you make it in the morning, and your boss as expressed displeasure at your occupation of the kitchen each morning (probably doesn’t help that I add a bunch of stuff to my Soylent).


Also, it really is better to soak it overnight.


Some people think it makes a huge difference.

I think it only makes a slight difference, and I don’t consider “fresh” Soylent to be bad… just different.

Plus, the experience may be different with 1.1.

You should try both, and decide for yourself…


I’ve soaked it overnight and found no difference at all, also if you in a pinch you really don’t need to add anything extra. Just dump it in add water and shake. Done in 60 seconds. No crying.


Apparently, Rosa Labs needs to add a ‘sense of humor’ to Soylent. Some people seem to be suffering from a deficiency.


I blend mine in the morning with a nutribullet and some ice chips to make it cold. Then I put it in a thermos with some ice cubes, works great for me. I like the blended version since its less gritty.