Daibetes and Soylent?


I am retired military and developed Type 2 Diabetes as a result of chemotherapy. What effect will soylent have on my diabetes? Is it safe for diabetics? I am active and a resonable weight.


I am also type 2 diabetic. My own DIY Soylent recipe will use palatinose instead of other sugar sources for this reason - it’s much less of a sugar rush. In general Soylent should be as safe as anything else, and actually pretty good for you - it’s complete nutrition, you don’t end up with random spikes in sugar, etc.

But I strongly recommend you talk to your doctor about it. One of the things I discovered after my wife died from cancer was that the cancer cells feed on glucose almost exclusively. If we’d known what was happening in time we could’ve reduced the growth rate by controlling her glucose more.
Also some medications may react to different supplement levels, or forms of supplements.

If you do go on soylent, your own mix or the one from the company, be absolutely sure you get blood work done before, and at least every month for a while, to make sure you don’t have anything weird going on.


Is this all cancer cells or just a specific type of cancer? Because if it’s all it’s another great reason to go keto.


I really can’t say … I just know what her oncologist told her about the trouble she was having with very low blood sugar levels suddenly hitting out of nowhere. She had endometrial cancer, which is an especially pernicious thing and not one that you’re likely to have to worry about (unless you’re transgendered.)

According to a bit of googling, NO, you cannot expect to prevent cancer or treat cancer by eating a ketogenic diet. It’s not that simple. Cancer cells in general act like other cells, using sugar when they can but usually they’re able to switch over to other kinds of fuel. They’re basically ordinary cells which have some genetic or micro-structural damage and which refuse to “turn off” and die. There might even be cancerous forms that function better on ketones, I don’t know.

Everyone has a few cancerous cells most of the time, but they’re generally destroyed by the immune system very quickly. It’s when they survive, and overwhelm surrounding tissues, that they become dangerous. Keeping a strong immune system helps. Having complete nutrition (something we typically don’t) will help with the immune system.

(Also, man that took a long time to get posted :slight_smile: Thanks to the guys who hand-crafted the fix.)


Can’t you use normal maltodextrin with an exact amount of insulin? Palatinose in large amounts doesn’t sound healthy to me…


No. I take a single dose of insulin, slow acting, once a day, and metformin to treat the insulin resistance.

Maltodextrin is very sweet tasting to me. I tasted a small amount of the palatinose and it was not sweet at all. 50 grams of palatinose, as part of my 79 grams of carbs daily, is not going to cause me to have sudden onset liver failure, and is not likely to do much in the way of making my already existing insulin resistance any worse.


Yes all the cancer cells we have seen absolutely love Glucose. as seen in your local hospitals using CT scanners. however there is hope as new contrast agents are researched for the CT scanners like this one for example http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23074027

Our lab has come up with a new cancer diagnostic machine that is totally harmless to the body and non-toxic and non-invasive. I’ll be releasing a public news release and a youtube video of it in action in the next few months.

In other news - one of our labrats has come up with a Herbal Tea for Diabetics while researching a herb we were interested in finding out more about.

We are interested in Soylent for use by our cancer patients who could benefit from something like this… minus the sugars if possible. :slight_smile: and adding a few of our own ingredients for anti-cancer properties and immune boosting properties.

Our cancer treatment is also non-toxic and non-harmful to the patients bodies so this fits in well with us.

For background info on the success of our treatments you can refer to this for now - http://meetinglibrary.asco.org/content/113379-132



Check out the occasional ketogenic recipe for Soylent without the sugars! http://discourse.soylent.me/t/uk-ketogenic-soylent-recipe/5131/14