Daily Left Over Soylent...what do do?


First week on Soylent wasn’t easy…A lot of food cravings…at work im surrounded by chinese food and pizza (which used to be my main diet pre soylent)…every time i had a craving i would take a swig of soylent…works well enough…just that in the first few days I was taking a lot of swigs and worrying alot about running out of soylent by end of day…

A week later…I have the opposite problem…Food cravings are all but gone…people eat around me and its not an issue…Ive even had soylent left over at the end of day last 2 days…


I’m new so this is a new problem for me…I dont want to throw it away…the obvious idea was to save it up to make a full days soylent…but who knows which neutrients found their way to the bottom of the tupaware and how unbalanced it would be to mix it all up…

Any thoughts guys and gals (and others)?


I’m talking about my DIY soylent here (mention that because might not be mixed as well as the real deal which could make a difference in the answer).


You could heat up some oil in a skillet and turn it into soylent pancakes! I’ve made those, they’re really yummy!

Just a heads up though, depending on your starch content, they may not be fluffy. If you want to do this and get fluffy pancakes, add in a little bit of baking powder first to provide lift/leavening.


If you’re not eating the full amount you should just switch down to a lower calorie recipe so you ensure you get all the nutrients.


another approach might be the following.
the way i make soylent is in batches, usually a weeks worth at a time. i measure the dry ingredients into a daily container that ends up being the container i add water to and chill until it’s time to drink. i sometimes end up not using an entire container in a day for various reasons - i sometimes have a muggle meal due to work timetables making it awkward to do anything else.
on these occasions i just make up the next days container, the night before as usual, and finish up the previous days first, before moving on to that days container. ie i have two containers being chilled at once, which i use on a FIFO basis.
you can see my setup here

hope this helps


@VadimGod your soylent should be good for a few days before it goes bad, so you don’t have to worry about it going bad overnight. I do like and recommend @unsynchronized’s FIFO methodology, and it should help prevent/reduce spoilage. Another thing is if you always have extra, maybe make a little less until you consume what you make each day.


Isaac, are you an alter ego of Alton Brown? :smiley:


im gonna stick with my current formula this week…if i still have left overs ill consider a lower cal recipe.

I was thinking this…i currently plan on doing soylent weekdays and mix food and 1/2 soylent a day on weekends…depending on how much i have left over i could make my weekend meals the left overs…since im eating normal food with non specific neutrition…i figure adding a 1/2 day portion of soylent with non specific neutrition should be ok…doubt ill OD on anything…i dont drink alot of soylent if i eat food. plus i usually eat crappy so should work out pretty normal…probably still better than my daily diet pre soylent.

thanks for the brain storming



That would be the life…