Daily "Like" limits on discourse


I’m apparently too nice for Discourse. This is the third time I’ve hit the daily limit for liking posts. haha. I apparently need to tone down my niceness.


How many “likes” does it take to get to the center of a “liking limit”?


Less than I feel inclined to give on a daily basis. :stuck_out_tongue:



whats the max amount? haha


Can you give out more likes if we give them to you?


The sad part is I tried to like this status. XD

The only accurate answer I can give is the one I gave to BriBy. I can’t even give you a reasonable estimate, as I’m terrible with anything less than exact numbers. But giving a very rough range… I’d venture between 40 and 120.

edit: yes, that’s a very wide range, but those are the only lower/upper bounds I’m comfortable giving.


If there are at least a few reports of not enough likes we can increase the total likes per day allowed.


I’m not complaining, for the record. Its mostly funny. I can see an advantage in rationing “likes” so that each individual like becomes more meaningful. I’m trying (and failing) to be pickier with them.

I won’t say “no” to more likes, but I’m not asking for them either.


I have to say this is probably one of the funniest “issues” ive come across.

thanks for the range…lol


I’ve tried clicking “like” three times on just this thread. XD I think I have a problem.


Good that your negative mood from the last days seem to be compensated with a like-giving nature today :wink:


I always give out lots of likes. :stuck_out_tongue:

On the note of the negative moods, TIL that lack of vitamin C can cause emotional changes


So let’s hope the vitamin C experiment will lift it for good and prevent swings in the future.


Indeed. And when I get home, I can finally start liking things again. :smiley:


1 like per day that you can save up :smiley: and it should show the likes available like ammo at the top right corner. This would encourage people to “spend” their likes, but also prevent new users or fake accounts from just liking everything from someone or something (example CptCoy who made CptRoy and then liked a handful of his own posts within a few mins


I love that I just “liked” a post about too many “likes.” I guess that’s irony.


I’ve hit the like-limit quite a few times. Interestingly (@ least to me) is the seemingly random time limit. I’ve been told that i wont be able to ‘like’ anything for a range between 3-17 hours. 3 hours seems like a decent deterent. Anything more than that really seems very punitive for a class of actions that I think should be encouraged.

At this point, when I’m told that i’m being like-blocked for 5 or more hours, i just don’t come back for a day. Why read posts - that don’t need full 20+ character responses - but which i [agree with, concur with, sypothize with, etc] if i can’t show my solidarity?


There’s a like button ?


I think it’s saying how many hours until the next “day”. Probably in UTC time.


The little heart at the bottom of each post.