Daily Serving Size


I’m waiting for my months preorder of Soylent to try in September. However, I’ve looked and looked for a serving size and can’t seem to find it.

What is a daily serving - the amount you would make up for the day?
What is the serving size for each meal? (Really, just divide the daily serving size and divide by how ever many meals you want.)

A simple answer in ounces or liters would be great!


The daily serving size would depend on the final formula, and since that is still a work in progress (the team is currently at version 0.8) we will have to wait a little while for exact information of this kind.

But taking my recipe as an example, for a daily dosage I use about 300 gram of powders and oils, 500 ml of milk and one to two liter of water, depending on my thirst.

You can divide this daily serving over as many meals as you like, but for three meals a day that’s about 100 gram + 170 ml milk per meal, for a total of a 500 ml shake.


Funny you should ask this, I got all excited after mixing a larger batch for the next 3 days and getting it all in three 1x liter bottles.

And then I realized I forgot the oils.

It also depends on how much water you want to drink with the mixture; you can either make it super dry / thick, forgoing water entirely (some have even made brownies), or super watery so you also make sure you get as much hydration as you need.

I’m guessing the ‘formula’ will be shipped as powders / oils that you can mix yourself, or come in ‘premix’ packages.


At this time our daily serving is 500g Soylent powder + 2-2.5L water, and can be divided however the user sees fit!


Any chance of using ounces/pints instead of metric, so I don’t have to do constant conversions?