Dangerous Nutrients


Are there any ingredients in Soylent that are very dangerous if measured inaccurately by, say, 100-200 ug? I’m concerned that I won’t be able to find measuring equipment finite enough and end up hurting myself by guessing.


Potassium is one I’ve seen people warn about – how it’s important to know your source (gluconate vs chloride, for example) so you know how to measure it and avoid toxicity.


This isn’t so much about toxicity, but here’s a thread that will help you with dosage even without good equipment:


You can’t accurately measure ug, unless you have a 2K+ analytical scale, I plan on using solutions. Dissolve 1 gram in 1 liter, and you can use pippettes to measure as little as .01ml, which is equivalent to 10ug of whatever you dissolved. If you need more accuracy, you can dissolve 1ml in 1 liter, then 1ml equals 1ug.


Another option is using ready made tablets of some of the micronutrients.
If you require 75mcg/ug of Molybdenum, you might be able to find some ready made Molybdenum tablets that have 150 in each one - let the industry do the weighing and dosing for you. Then you can just use half a tablet and grind it up.

Of course that can be more expensive, but for most of the micronutrients the difference in price should be small enough to be less important than the amount of measuring work and equipment it saves you.


The big advantage of tablets is that they will significantly reduce the initial cost, as in most cases, to buy them in chemically pure form you end up buying a near lifetime supply in the smallest package available.


Which is good for testing anyways. We can buy lifetime supplies once each of us has lived on the stuff for half a year and is indeed still alive. :smiley: