Dat Soylent Smell


Has anybody else who has gotten their official Soylent noticed that you tend to catch whiffs of it EVERYWHERE? It even happens in places other than at home. I can’t escape!!! Lol, it’s not a bad thing, just interesting, because I haven’t had that experience with any other food.


… excessive gas is an expected and temporary consequence of a Soylent diet…


LOL, I’m not talking about THAT scent, I’m mean the smell of the actual Soylent itself. Although I’m currently getting a mix of all-of-the-above. =X


:slight_smile: I guess it’s because your mind is telling you… “I really like Soylent, mmh remember how nice it smells?, go get some more”


I’ve ran into this a few times as well. And it’s not because my Body is craving Soylent, I’ve actually had difficulties adjusting to it (On and off).


It’s interesting how some people’s sense of smell seems to get a lot sharper almost instantly, and others doesn’t change, or takes a while. In our case she noticed a change very quickly but was able to clearly attribute it to her normal allergies completely vanishing. She’s no longer all congested and such, so it makes sense why she would perceive her sense of smell actually getting stronger though really I think it’s just finally working right. For me I didn’t notice any change in that area for a couple weeks, then I gradually started realizing that I was smelling things I never normally did. But it crept up on me, unlike the sense of taste which was pretty much an overnight mind blower!

I haven’t noticed I smell Soylent everywhere though. And actually to my surprise, I don’t especially care for the smell of Soylent, though I love the taste. Go figure!


Yes. Yes I have.‍