Data-driven approach for a personalized/optimal Soylent?

What is the best way to quantitatively measure my body’s compatibility with Soylent?

I’ve been taking Soylent for more than a week now (every breakfast and some lunches) and I feel I’m not getting the best out of it: foggy in the morning, fatigued afterwards. There are many threads here that describe these symptoms with recommendations all across the board. Instead of experimenting with subjective data, I wonder if there is a standard approach to measure my body’s compatibility with my Soylent intake, allowing me to more confidently remix and iterate.

Some Ideas (with questions next to them):

  • Blood test: is there a standard blood test? do I just walk into a hospital and ask for it? when I get it, do I take it to a nutritionist? is there a faster/semi-realtime way to get this data?
  • Hydration: what’s the best way to get this data? I’m assuming it has to be realtime.
  • Sleep: how significant is this? I’m guessing an estimate is good enough.
  • Physical Activity: is fitbit good enough here? perhaps not a necessary metric given that it is a leading indicator (not a lagging indicator, such as blood test).

Additional Questions

  • What other metrics could we measure?
  • Also, is there a standard way to create a detailed journal of this data? (perhaps with many volunteers)?


There are standard blood tests, but I’m mainly familiar with those Kaiser gives. If you have had checkups in the past, there should be blood tests that you could compare with a new one. Your doctor should be able to help you understand the results.

I think that learning the art of listening to your body is more important than most metrics. Anytime is a good time to talk to a doctor.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel is a good place to start to learn about blood tests. I went to HealthOne to order the test. They pointed me to a local lab that I dropped by to have my blood drawn. Results came back in a day or two. I’m sure a nutritionist/doctor could explain the results, but there’s also plenty of info you can find online to understand the numbers yourself, such as Reference ranges for blood tests.

Which version number of soylent are you using? The more details people give out, the better others can help them.