Data is Beautiful - Keto version


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I’ve been curious about a high-fat/low-carb diet like keto, but the high carb content in Soylent makes that difficult. Are the two incompatible?


The official Soylent is far from low carb (225g per day). But there are several recipes for Ketogenic DIY.

Of note is that my own is based off. Both are super yummy.

You even have the option of several producers that sell pre-mixed keto:


Any experience with the pre-mixed ones? Also, I’m not sure what your goals are in eating a ketogenic diet, but are you burning fat/losing weight using the DIY?

Thanks for the response!


Data is beautiful


Ketosoy was pretty good, it does have coconut flour and chia seeds so it does have some grit; honestly I thought it was better than the Soylent 1.0 I tasted.

I’m drinking keto chow full time right now for all my meals (except when there’s a bunch of bacon, because bacon). No coconut flour, no seeds, all the fiber comes from psyllium husk which makes it pretty smooth. The chocolate mint is good, strawberry is better and vanilla is kinda amazing. I took an extra blender bottle of vanilla keto chow to work last week to let my coworkers try it (mostly to get them to stop making light of my diet, you’d think 33 pounds would be enough but whatever). Anyhow, one guy liked it so much he started keto yesterday, another guy really liked it and is trying to figure out of he wants to go all in or not. A third guy tried it and when I had half the bottle left asked if he could have it for lunch. That said, my boss didn’t like it at all.

Of course I am rather partial to keto chow since it is my recipe :wink:


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll have to try a low carb one once I finish my Soylent. Love the concept, but it’s just way more carbs than I’d like.


Bacon is part of many keto recipes.