Day 1.5 of Soylent 1.0


So I’m my first day and a half with Soylent 1.0. It’s a little tougher than I thought.

For background, I’m trying to make the transition cold turkey. Food one day, none the next.

The taste, while not “bad” per se, is a little tiring. I don’t utterly dislike the idea of drinking another sip, it’s just not exactly attractive, either. I can’t say I “enjoy” the experience of drinking it. It’s much grittier than I expected it to be (not using a blender, just shaking vigorously), but that’s not really a complaint for the team… just a slight detraction.

I’ve been drinking Soylent all day, and I’m hungry… for something solid. I know this is much better for me, but right now my biggest desire is to head to Red Robin and down a cheeseburger.


Are you a bigger guy with more calorie needs? Do you normally eat until you could explode? Is your sugar low due to diabetes? Did you actually have enough Soylent for the day? Do you normally eat many times a day or very little?

I think a little more background is needed before we can decipher this.


I have found that chewing on something alleviates most of my cravings for real food. As I’m a musician, I often have guitar picks around, but gum is supposed to work great.


All fair questions. :smile:

I’m 190lbs and 5’8. One of my primary goals with Soylent is to lose weight.

I don’t generally eat until I explode… In fact, I usually have one reasonably sized meal a day, due to my frantic schedule. Example - Chipotle burrito with chips, and I’m perfectly satiated.

I’m trying to drink a sip or two when I feel hungry, so I’d GUESS I’m getting enough for the day. It’s looking to be a full pitcher.


How are you preparing your Soylent? (Measuring with scoop or just mixing in pitcher? How much water? Do you let it sit overnight?)
Mixing with a full pitcher of water and letting it sit overnight can improve the texture.


This is coming from someone who does not have their Soylent order yet.

Drink more at 1 time and let your stomach feel like it’s eating rather than taking small sips all day.
You got to have a base to establish before adding little amounts to.


Fair enough, I’ll give that a shot. I had read elsewhere that it was better to keep a constant source of energy flowing rather than conforming to the concept of “meals”, but I’ll revert and see what happens.


Yep, that’s pretty much what I’m doing.

I empty the whole pouch into the picture, add two 1.8ml bottles of Dasani water (leaving enough room to shake it up), get it good and shaken, add the oil, and empty a third bottle of water in to fill the third pitcher the rest of the way. I then let it sit overnight, and shake when I reach for it to fill my Thermos.


The trick is to attempt to not chug it. If you drink a pint (or so, depending on how much water is in it) over the course of 30 minutes to an hour, you’ll get a full meal without the bloaty-gaseous nastiness that can come with it, because you’re drinking food. Remember that you don’t typically consume that much food in the span of a minute or two.


Yep, totally. The included card that compares a glass of Soylent to the calorie contents of a burger really stuck with me - the thought of consuming a burger in the same span of time in which someone can chug a glass of water is somewhat horrifying. :smiley:



Have a meal (of Soylent) in a normal timeframe and then perhaps you can sip through the day "adding on to the base that is already there).


You might wanna start using more than 1 days worth of soylent per day.

With your stats i’m guessing you’re somewhere in the neighborhood of 2500-2800 calories a day for maintenance. Dropping to a -500 or more defecit per day is rough. -300 will get the job done


First couple of days, you’re gonna be ravenous! Third day, you’ll be thinking “Okay, maybe I can do this.” By the fourth day, your hunger will just disappear. Hang in there!


@BriBy, you are awesome.
Listen to this Briby is always a good choice.


Thanks @Alex1!!! Now I feel awesome! :slight_smile:


Must be the Soylent talking. :wink:


Your hunger has nothing to do with nutrition, It’s all stomach feel. You’ll experience the same thing with any low volume diet(HCG, Juice Fast, etc). it goes away in 3-4 days. By day 5 you’ll be perfectly fine. And in 2 weeks, I bet you won’t be able to eat that whole cheeseburger you were craving so badly. Stick to it and drink an extra liter or two of water per day.


Love this thread :slight_smile: Such good info!