Day 1 - Not feeling full on official Soylent


Hello all,

After a brief terror with FedEx delivering to the wrong house, I have my 5 weeks of the good stuff!

Mixed up a package last night, filled the 2L pitcher to the brim. However, this morning I’ve already gone through half of the pitcher in slow sips over 2 hours, and still am not feeling satisfied. Is this just a first day phenomenon/have I just set myself up for the worst gas in history?

I’ve heard chewing gum can help, will probably pick up a pack this afternoon.


How many calories do you typically eat in a day? Soylent is only 2010 calories per day (with oil), which is a bit low for a lot of people (bigger males, active people, etc). For example,the diet I use is IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros), and I’m around 2700calories per day. My plan is to eat a days worth of soylent, and then supplement it with food to reach my required macros (protein/fat/carbs)

Don’t be afraid to add a small snack/meal if you’re hungry. Gradually you should get used to the calorie count (unless you need more, then either continue adding meals or up your Soylent intake).

Drinking water will help as well.


My previous diet used to be fairly good, but has devolved into just the worst stuff: Pizza, burgers, etc. Still around the ballpark of 2000-2400 calories, but much higher in fat and carbs. I suspect that the waaaay more reasonable fat and carbohydrate levels might have something to do with it.

And with that, the cramping has begun. I am off to the restroom!


I suggest using the site below to estimate your calorie needs based on your weight and lifestyle. I was surprised to find that my cal requirements were much higher than I had thought. I had to significantly adjust my diy to account for the extra needed calories.

I would suggest everyone starting to consume Soylent check this out as a starting point.


From other peoples threads, they report that the first week or so not feeling “full”, but also that if you slow sip it, it wont make you feel “full” either… just drink a class over the duration you would normally take to consume a sandwich or something :smiley:


I had about 15 oz for breakfast this morning and was completely full. Didn’t get hungry again for over 6 hours. I’m a 5’9 250lb male, and pretty much only eat junk food. I think we’re going to find that everyone’s dietary needs are very different.


I think my total intake was only 1200 kcal yesterday (missed a meal), so that could account for part of not feeling satisfied today. Also, the fullness set in an hour later, so I think my satiety response might be kind of delayed.

Going forward, I’ll try waiting it out and picking up a pack of sugar-free gum. With any luck, that should be the ticket to fullness.


Your problem all has to do with stomach feel. You’ll have the same unsatisfactory feeling for 4-5 days. It’s the same with all low volume diets (HCG diet, other low calorie diets, etc) Days 4 and 5 will be your worst days if you aren’t used to low calorie/volume diets.

After day 5 you’ll find that the feeling of hunger or dissatisfaction will completely disappear, and having done several rounds of the HCG diet (500 cal/day for 20-40 days) I can say that the most important thing is DRINK YOUR WATER. you should add a liter or two of water per day until your body gets used to it. It’l really make you more comfortable. And try to keep that level of intake up. Water will help your body better use the nutrients available.

And as far as the gas goes, it depends on whether you consumed a lot of fiber or not. I had a diet that was relatively high in fiber, and had almost no gas what so ever, and it didn’t smell as bad as i’d hoped (i like to terrorize my family).


I think the reverse is opposite, if you chew gum I believe it tends to make you more hungry. Maybe in the very short term it makes you believe you have eaten food but then your stomach realises you were lying to it and gets very angry.

Chewing gum on an empty stomach is a bad idea I thought.


How much pizza and burgers are we talking? They can be pretty high calorie foods. I think it’s easy to underestimate them.

A burger can be 800 to 1000. And fries and it could be 1500. A slice of pizza may be 300. Three or four might be 1000 to 1200.


Yeah, chewing gum stimulated the stomach to secrete stomach acid, nearly as much as actual food, only there is nothing for the stomach acid to digest. So, your description is fairly accurate, and you end up with an overly acidic stomach.


Answers in no particular order:

I used to eat fairly well (serving of actual veggies at every meal, nothing frozen, all cooked from scratch) but in the weeks approaching soylent have devolved to my previous diet of Pizza, pasta and burgers. With missing meals in between and a lot of missed breakfasts from my hour-long commute, this ended up being a major drain on my health and finances, but still averaged between 2000-2400 cals a day.

I had a worse bout of gas earlier this morning, but all bloating seems to be dissipating. It’s easier to go without the solid food, decided against the gum unless my jaw really demands it later.

My roommate with whom I’ve been sharing has been completely without issue. Lucky fellow only had two standard pint glasses until dinner today, and felt totally fine. Disclaimer: he usually has protein shakes with high fiber, gives a bit more credence to ‘everyone has a different starting place’.

All that said, I’m excited for day three and a diminishing return on the Soylent burps. I feel better than I’ve felt in years, and even feel a bit slimmer, though I’m sure that’s psychosomatic. Fun fact: alcohol seems to hit faster and with more effect on Soylent, be careful! Usually takes 3 or 4 for me to get a noticeable buzz, today it only took through half of number two before I needed to pace myself.


As mentioned above, I don’t feel “full” on my DIY and many people won’t feel “full” on Soylent. That mechanical feeling of having your stomach be full of food. However that’s okay. I didn’t feel hungry either, but it messed with my head to never feel full. It took about 3 days for me to be intellectually okay with it and 5-7 to no longer chase that feeling and find it normal not to feel full.