Day 1 of Soylent 1.3 (new user)


In about 3 hours I’ll drink the last glass in my first pitcher of Soylent. I’m a new user and have never had DIY or previous iterations.

I’m a male and 20 years old. I have no allergies or afflictions that would call for treatment. No medications, no serious drug use, no mental disorders.

My primary reasons for trying Soylent are improved cognitive function, serious environmental concerns, increasing fat and muscle tissue and saving my own time and resources. I believe the product can deliver on all of these goals.

So far my gas issues have been minimal. They are infrequent and don’t cause odor.
My stomach felt a little wonky (that’s scientific terminology) after the first glass. Less so after the 2nd. The 3rd went down just fine and I’m looking forward to the 4th. Just in this 20~ hour span of time, I’ve noticed three things stand out quite noticeably.
First, my awareness of my hunger has soared. I am acutely aware of cravings (lack thereof, rather). My parents urged me to have some Christmas grub, as parents do, but I only managed to eat half a bite of crab Rangoon, and I’m starting to wonder if I chose that specifically for its sodium content. I haven’t supplemented with sodium because I know what my snack foods will mostly contain in between Soylent meals.

Secondly, I’ve noticed a very stable mood. I wouldn’t say energy per say, because coffee can and has accomplished that in the past just fine. I simply mean to say my mood is consistent and focused rather than sporadic and hard to pin down (am I happy, am I worried)

Finally, the taste. It is excellent. I was confused when Rob described the product as “non-specific”, but now I understand and I think it’s genius. I’ve never enjoyed food and have nearly starved due to my disinterest. In the past few years I have found myself increasingly disgusted by whatever I’m offered. In a year or so, I expect the major (Id say minor) kinks in this product will be worked out. At that point, I’ll be consuming Soylent 100% of the time, 7 days a week and with VERY rare exceptions. Like once in a few months exceptions.

I will consider psyllium musk or a digestive enzyme product if gastrointestinal issues arise. So far I’m very happy with my purchase. The mission and method of this company moves me.


Just curious. How tall are you? You mentioned wanting to put on weight. How much do you want to gain?


I’m about your height and I think 140-150 is a good weight for me personally. I am 145ish and my weight has been more or less stable for the last few months. I have also noticed my mood has improved since I’ve been on DIY soylent. I’ve also noticed my cholesterol, blood pressure, and resting heart rate have improved.


Im relieved to hear about your experience. I intend to go in for testing in a few weeks. It’s barely been a day but I’ve already noticed my mood and temperament change dramatically.

I want to say I’m adjusting quickly but that may be wishful thinking. From what I’ve read, many people have had the gas issues show up in 2-3 days so I’ll just be cautious for now.


Yep, it takes about 48 hours for food to go from end to end, give or take 10 hours. Let us know how it goes over the next few days. I have three friends who drink Soylent. Only one of them had gas issues and it only lasted a few days for him. I’m one of the unlucky ones who can’t seem to adjust to it.


It’s hard to tell what percentage of the whole are affected because obviously people with issues will be more talkative about it than those with nothing to report. I’m keeping my fingers crossed but all the signs so far have been hardly concerning.


Your experience is quite similar to my own at first. I noticed all the same things (strange hunger awareness, lack of my usual cravings, stable mood/energy…) Welcome to the “club”! :slight_smile:


I would even liken it to having a battery charge display in the back of my mind. This product is perfect for innumerates like me who can’t even remember what they had for breakfast, if anything.


Wait… I had breakfast?

Oh, yeah… the pitcher is a little low… guess I did.


For me I noticed I could get excessive gas if I consumed too much Soylent within a few hours. (I would then begin getting the gas a few hours later)

(Don’t drink half a days worth within 1-3 hours is my advice heh… This was with 1.0)


Just curious how much was your cholesterol before you went on your DIY? And merry christmas to you and all of you here :smile:

No hurry…answer it whenever you get the time to.


My LDL was 105 before soylent. Not exactly in the danger zone but still slightly above the recommended 100. It dropped to 85 after starting soylent. Total cholesterol went from 180 to 139.


You sound a lot like me 27 years ago (I’m 47 now). I weight about 125lbs for a good many years. I am 5’11" so I was just a little taller/skinnier than you are now. I heard about Soylent about 10 months ago so didn’t get any for about 7 months. The minute I heard about it and figured out I wasn’t getting Soylent anytime soon, I started my own DIY. I’ve been on a slightly modified People Chow since then. If you do get the gas issues (I had horrible gas than didn’t go away after a month of trying) then switch to DIY. It sounds like Rosa Labs is working hard on fixing the gas issue so I’m, but there’s no telling when that will happen.

As has already been said, welcome to the club!


Did your HDL happen to drop too? Just curious.


Unfortunately yes it did. Went from 60 to 47. But I’ve been diligently drinking 1 beer a day to get the number back up :smile: