Day 25 of my DIY soylent journey. Woo!



I’ve been lurking on this awesome forum for long enough, so I thought it was about time I shared. I’ve been blogging about my travels through the slightly oatey world of DIY soylent for almost a month now; tomorrow I post ‘Day Twenty-Five’. Woo exciting!

Anyways, check out my blog if you like. I’ve been using the “Schmoylent” recipe with a few personal tweaks, and learning from my mistakes, and feeling a bit healthier too. But I mean, when you’ve been surviving on ramen for years, anything is gonna feel healthier, right? I kind of go off on a whole “Ambrosia” kick a few days in, and I make a quick walkthrough of mixing up a batch of DIY. I have my fire-and-brimstone days, and my SWEET NEW THERMOS days. You know, life. Ups and downs.

Welp, don’t know how to end this, but come check out my blog if you will! Or if I’m doing something terribly wrong, or not putting enough people in my soylent, let me know! I’ll just be here, lurking in the forums.


Welcome aboard! Imagine all the business companies like have been getting since the advent of Soylent. I’ll look forward to your blog posts. Hopefully, you’ll post a lot on this forum as well.


That’s quite a nice blog you’ve got there! I’m the author of the Schmoylent recipe, and it’s fun to see someone else going through the same experience. I feel your pain with those giant bags of maltodextrin, man. :stuck_out_tongue:

I notice that you’ve been using the non-organic vanilla rice protein - I’ve actually found that the organic one tastes way better, and I’ve updated the recipe page accordingly. It’s a bit more expensive but I think you’ll find it worth the extra expense.

One note: we use “Soylent” with a capital ‘S’ to refer to the official, Rosa Labs Soylent, while “soylent” with a lowercase ‘s’ refers to the general category of DIY recipes. So it’s a little confusing that you refer to your Schmoylent variation as “Soylent” rather than “soylent”. Just FYI. :wink:


thanks for taking the time to do this man, couple of us over on another thread are trying to innovate, might be of interest to you,
any insight from you would be awesome as well : ]

thanks again : ]


Thanks! Yeah I’ll definitely be participating more here in the future.


Thanks for the tips! I may give the organic rice protein a try for my next batch. :slight_smile: