Day 3 on 33% Soylent 1.1. I'm hungry :-(


I’m hoping simply to replace lunch with Soylent.

Day 1: Drank about 20 oz of soylent. My stomach felt a bit queasy. I was still kinda hungry, mouth watering, etc for next hour. My stomach was full, and I didn’t feel like trying to drink more soylent. I got a coffee and forgot about my hunger. I was more hungry than usual at dinner time 5 hours later.

Day 2: Experiences the same as day 1. Bloated and gassy at dinner time. Scary rumblings of my stomach in the evening, but everything under control.

Day 3: (Today) just finished about 20 oz and I’m still kind of hungry. I’ll admit the hunger is more in my head than my body. Stomach is full, but mouth is watering. I feel like I’m dieting, but that’s not what I want to be doing.

I’m 6’4 210lbs. I’m active in general, but I haven’t been exercising the last few days–just working at the computer (50% sitting, 50% standing). I’ll poke around the site and see if I can figure out how much I’m supposed to be drinking.


You sound dehydrated. Are you drinking a ton of water too?


I found that breaking the meal into two portions helped immensely with hunger, though I was experiencing actual hunger pangs. Are you drinking it all at once? Drinking it over 10 minutes?


According to the nutrient calculator a guy your size thats sedentary should get about 2400 calories just to maintain his weight. So assuming 3 meals a day of equal caloric size your lunch should be 800 calories. An active guy your size would need more. So it sounds like your hunger may be the result of not getting enough calories.

If Soylent is mixed according to the instructions it is about 1 calorie per milliliter. So you need at least 800ml (27 fl. oz.) at lunch.


As another big guy, I second what @horsfield said.

Also, eating speed has an effect, here.

You can drink the shake faster than most people can eat a solid meal; this has a couple of effects:

  1. If you drink it really quick, you can stretch your stomach, which gives a very uneasy full/distended feeling which can last a long time. (I get this if I’m not careful when I start eating again after fasting, and the worst I’ve ever felt it is when I broke fast with Soylent.)

  2. After a meal, the “satiation” feeling you get is largely chemical. It takes your body some time to feel “satisfied.” Also, higher-fat meals tend to be a little more satiating on the chemical side, because they stimulate more bile production. So if you’re accustomed to eating higher-fat meals and taking a little longer to consume lunch, you may benefit from taking a little longer to consume it so your body has time to register. (This is also common advice to people eating regular food who are trying to refrain from having “seconds” - give the boy 20 more minutes to register whether or not you’re really “still hungry” before you go for more food.)


Thanks for doing my homework for me @horsfield! I’ll try drinking a bit more.

@Eleven Day one and two I sipped it over 90 min because I’d previously taken some big gulps and experienced momentary nausea–it’s too nutrient rich to drink quickly. Today I drank it over 15 min or so. Breaking it up makes sense. I’ll try that.

I think I read that Soylent is being turned into a product to be sold in stores? There is a lot to understand (and get used to) when starting to use it. I wonder if the average consumer will pay enough attention…you have to be motivated to stick with it.

MentalNomad: Thanks for the info and confirmation. Your response just popped up while I was typing.

(Wow, I love this forum software…I wonder what it is. This is the first forum I’ve used that doesn’t suck.)


I think at this point it is speculation from us consumers. At least, I haven’t seen anyone from Rosa Labs say anything about it.


@bwood. Dont forget to post your experiences after following these suggestions :slight_smile:


I’m convinced, at least for some people and certainly me, that there is also a psychological relationship to food that is somewhat challenged by the use of Soylent. If found that it fades a bit as time goes by and you will find yourself feeling more normal on the Soylent. Oddly, while I’ve seen people in videos savoring a hamburger after being on extended periods of Soylent, I already find that food does not give me the joy it did before. I have been tapering down on my occasional regular meals because I prefer drinking the Soylent. I guess my best advice, in addition to the others, is to give it some time. For many of us, our relationship to food is somewhat dysfunctional and requires a bit of readjustment that all the nutrients in the world can’t prevent.

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Yesterday I drank 32oz of soylent for lunch. I did 2 pint glasses of it about an hour apart. I was still a feeling a bit hungry a few hours later, but it was better. Yes, I think there is definitely a psychological element at work here. In some ways getting used to one Soylent meal per day might be more challenging than cutting out other food completely.

I went for a light run after work and I felt like I had a good amount of energy.

I never tried 1.0 so I don’t know how much the gas/digestibility has been improved. I can say that on Day 4 I had a bit more gas and the smell is indeed remarkable. In addition I had a bit of a distended feeling of air bubbles in my gut around 7pm. I can hang with that. It would be nice if this improves though.

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Thanks. I thought it looked kinda like stack exchange…


So far, I’m not noticing any improvement from the digestive enzymes added to 1.1.


Do you mean in the gas/bloat department?


Yes, that’s exactly what I meant.


Too bad there’s not a decent quantifiable way to measure such things. Not that I can think of anyway. I mean really, if there was a 25% improvement, would any of us really be certain? For me the gas has long since faded into a non issue even on 1.0, so I’m not sure what difference 1.1 will make in that area anyway. Interested to find out though.