Day 30 and a Blog


In case you’re bored and interested in following my progress you’re welcome to check out my blog. I’m on day 30 today and have lost 10 pounds so far (started at 205). My blood pressure is now in a normal range (it was stage 2 hypertension before I started), and I’m feeling great.


Congratulations on your health achievements! :slight_smile:


I’m not bored but I am interested in following your progress – and it sounds like things are going great for you! I know how good that feels to see your blood pressure back into the normal range as my situation was similar before I started calorie restriction last November, stage two hypertension, ~215 pounds and I looked eight months pregnant which is a bummer for an old guy! Now I weigh 145-147, blood pressure is normal and slowly the sagging skin is returning to normal. Veins and muscles show clearly now and I need to get my life arranged so I can hit the gym, perhaps this autumn and winter it’ll happen and I can put on 10 pounds of lean body mass. One can hope. Yeh – I know how good it feels. Congrats, way to go, big guy.

Gonna check out your blog! :smile:


Congratulations! I can’t wait to begin too. I’ll read your blog with interest!


How much is your formulation costing you per day?


A bit under $6 a day, but I’m going to lower the cost by about .30 when I replace my fiber source for an alternate.