Dealing with the dystopic feelings

There’s part of me that is completely enthusiastic about Soylent, but there’s part of me that mourns the necessity of it in my life.

  1. It’s convenient and efficient. But, is my life so busy that I can’t take time to relax, make, and eat a meal any more?

  2. Soylent is a great nutritional powder, a “people food”. But, why do I feel like a dog, or a slave, sometimes, when I eat it? It’s such a busy world…that it’s come to this. I have to eat soylent now to get what I need. An overworked slave desperately trying to fit in a meal.

Anyone else feel this way sometimes?


You miss the point. The point is this: Do What You Want. Soylent gives the option of eating fast, cheap and healthy. Use Soylent whenever you want to exercise that option.

If you feel your life is too busy then that is a separate issue for you to address


My go-to for fast and cheap used to be Taco Bell.

Now it’s Soylent.

This is much, much better.

Yes, I am overworked. However, it’s Saturday, I could cook a 7-course meal today if I really wanted to. The fact is I prioritize what’s important to me, and how I spend my time. I’d rather spend my time today doing other stuff.

Monday I’ll enjoy a good muggle meal out with my co-workers.


Not really. Actually-- not at all.

Sure, I wish I had more free time. But making and eating a meal aren’t what I want to do to relax. I’d much rather take a walk, talk to friends, read a book, or watch a movie. Soylent gives me more time for all of those, plus I can easily read a book while drinking Soylent. (I can read a book and eat, but it’s a little trickier to time the page-turns and avoid dropping a forkful of food on the book.)

As for powdered nutrition, it tastes a lot better to me than a lot of the food I’d have to eat to get the same nutrients. Not to mention it treats my digestive tract a lot better. And drinking Soylent means that when I do want muggle food, I’ve got a little more time to put together something I’d love to eat, instead of something I just tolerate.


You can spend the time saved to do anything you want. You can sip soylent and watch TV, garden, read a book, surf the web, try to cure cancer, smell the roses, invite people over for a game night, travel, ect… more time is more time, not less.

Soylent frees you from the shackles of shopping, hunger, and cooking. It doesn’t bind you. Just because your life doesn’t revolve around food anymore, doesn’t mean there’s no point in it.


I enjoy the taste of Soylent and don’t crave food over 90% of the time. Even if I was rich and immortal, I would mostly still use Soylent because I feel like cooking is a waste of my ‘limitless’ time.

On the other hand, I agree that there is something disquieting about the pressing need for the product. Sure, nobody is forcing it on anyone, but if most people used Soylent most of the time the world would have much more energy to spare.

And we still aren’t really sure what our purpose is, so it can be uncomfortable to see the world basically programmed to worship productivity. I mean, what are we working so hard for anyway?

I don’t feel that way but I also don’t work really hard. If you’re working really hard and not sure why, why not work less?


Well sure. I don’t know if this helps, but maybe compare it to some other points in human history:

  • I have to hunt boar and gather fruits to get what I need (cave-person times)
  • I have to stand in line for three hours to get bread from the government (Soviet Russia)
  • I have to work in the fields all day and only get to eat cabbage (Blackadder II)