Dear Bryan Crowley, in your first 100 days could please try to


Let’s give the new Prezzy some unsolicited advice! What do you think should be in the top ten of Mr. Crowley’s to-do list? Sample packs? Canadian website? Quality control? What?


His first act as president should be to give me a lifetime supply of Soylent.


Generally a lot of things people request are already in the works. Sample packs seem like a simple thing, but at our scale and the way we co manufacture it’s actually an extremely expensive and complicated process.


500 kcal bottles!!

Please. I need more calories for lunch. lol


Oh also “instant mixer” like coffee booth. I’d love to just pour powder and have instant soylent when I’m ready for it. No mixing a jug then worrying if can use all of em, wash jug so on.


If only there were some way to get Soylent that was ready to drink out of the bottle with no mixing necessary…


Uh I already order 4 boxes a month. Sarcastic answer do not become you.

I want such a device because I want to have less footprint on world, as bottles use a lot of HDPE.

  1. Keto 2.0 (and still vegan, pretty please).
  2. Available at my corner grocery store.

That’s it. :+1:


I believe you, and appreciate your patience with the user community. However, one hopes that the new boss will be a hands-on manager with the industry experience to expedite some of these issues. (Else why hire him?) And, he will presumably be anxious to quickly familiarize himself with the existing issues and organizational choke-points.

So it was my (naive) notion that we could assist in a small way by pointing out what we thought needed attention soonest. Thanks @Rolf and @SoyVegas for responding constructively.


Could have less of an environmental footprint on 2.0 bottles to make a single bottle for a whole day, the 70 ounces is just a bit larger than a half gallon, Also I love the neutral flavor profile of the powder, but I would like to see powder flavors.


That is not on the drawing board. With regards to having a gallon or large bottle format. The market is just not there. We are working on fun things for Powder.


Why do people keep attacking the bottles. I can’t recycle the powder pouches here at all, while I can the bottles.

Keep your dirty rotten filthy hands off my 2.0.


I’m just going to add in here that I think sample packs are a great idea. I have many friends that are interested in trying out Soylent, but they usually aren’t hungry when they are around. If there was maybe one sample pack with each monthly order (maybe 1/2 a meal) that would go a long way in being able to pass this out for people to try.


I mix my meals individually too. I’m not a fan of the way the mixture tastes after sitting in the fridge more than an hour (though to be fair I haven’t tried it since 1.4).

The packages do not zip closed easily and the zip lock feature is fairly messy to make individual servings with. Powder gets everywhere. I think I might prefer if the packages had some kind of other closing mechanism. Maybe one of those reusable plastic bag clips. They are fairly common, not sure what they are called though. They have a hinge on one side, clasp on the other and they press the bag all the way across to form a tight seal. It’d definitely get a better seal with that than the zip closures, and it’s probably be less messy. I don’t know anything about manufacturing either, but providing a reusable closure versus adding the zip closure to every bag seems like it would be more cost effective as well.


So say all of us, but I had a discouraging thought about sample packs. I pictured the kind of industrial operation needed to produce 2.0 in quantity. It is automated end to end, mixing raw materials, milling, blending, bottling, wrapping the bottle with plastic, boxing them, taping and labeling the boxes. So what comes off the line are finished boxes ready to ship, they go on pallets into a warehouse.

The thing is, such a line can only handle one flavor at a time, making truckloads of sealed cartons of 2.0, or Coffiest, or Cacao – not mixed. In order to do samples, this automated process would have to be seriously disrupted. Worst case, workers would have to manually break open sealed cartons of each flavor and assemble the cartons of four flavors and tape them. Best case, RF would have to find a different, much much bigger co-packer that could run four flavors in production simultaneously, and have more complicated boxing machinery.


Yeah, I imagine anything that’s creating a new process isn’t the easiest thing to do. Side note, I was thinking of sample packs of the powder not the bottles. I can see why that would be even more of a challenge and expense.


The one thing I’d love to see is a redistribution of the macros, with less fat and more protein.


I’d be interested in pre-flavored powder mixes.


Ive got a request for the president:

I’d like a version that comes as a gel. Then when I shake it vigorously, it becomes more liquidy and drinkable, but after a while goes back to gel consistency for shelf life.

So please can I have that option? I’d love a version where the only preparation at all is stir, Crowley.



I don’t follow.

I’m a powder guy, but from what I understand all you have to do with 2.0 is shake.

To change the viscosity of your gel just by shaking would require you to shake it until you can heat it up from friction, which I imagine would be rather fatiguing, and now once you’ve achieved your goal you’d be drinking warm, if not hot soylent…