Death of a friend and Soylent user


I had a very good friend for about 20 years, though I actually knew her for more than 50. Although she was quite a foodie and wrote many unpaid restaurant reviews, she became quite a Soylent fan for the last few years, subscribing and often consuming a bottle or so a day. This might not sound like much, but that often meant Soylent was half of her diet.

In February she died suddenly, alone in her condo and wasn’t discovered for a few days. The cause was a number of things, heart related, and also that she drank too much too much alcohol all the years I knew her. She had been expecting to die and had been giving away things and tidying up her condo to minimize the amount of work anyone might have to do if she suddenly died. I didn’t believe she was near death, but she was right.

Soylent didn’t kill her or harm her in any way. In fact I think it helped her keep going.

But I’m afraid we can’t hope that Soylent makes one immortal. I thought I should mention the death of a Soylent user. She never came to this site that I know of.


I’m sorry for your loss.


I, also, am sorry for your loss.