Decent pro-Soylent article


From a company that specializes in feeding pigs, but praise nonetheless lol.


Another crappy internet article; that it is positive doesn’t make it any the less crappy. She hasn’t researched the subject or thought about it enough to offer any intelligent commentary. I can’t believe how low the standards seem to be for these articles. I would be ashamed to post something as bad as this or the Business Insider Metsovas article. I’m starting to agree with those who say we should just ignore all the articles and get on with our business here. At least most of us here are doing something constructive, which is more than the authors of these articles are doing.


I dunno, @J_Jeffrey_Bragg, I’m rather fond of P.T. Barnum. To paraphrase:

You can say whatever you want about Soylent, as long as you spell it

People will click interesting links, and things aren’t often as genuinely interesting as Soylent. Even the most tepid articles can’t fail to convey part of the unique allure of Soylent. Just think of them as badly designed billboards along the information superhighway, just before the exit to