Defecation frequency on full Soylent 1.4 diet


So I hate shitting. If I want a break, I’ll go take a walk, thankyouverymuch. And wiping after taking a dump is the worst necessarily evil in the world.

Now when I eat a regular diet high in fiber, say chicken + peas/spinach, within one hour I have to visit the throne. Not particularly convenient if I’m having lunch out.

What have others noticed in terms of elimination frequency after they’ve gone on a pure Soylent diet?


Once a day. In the morning. Like a teflon-torpedo. Zoschhhhhh and away. :pray:


If I count my pre-Soylent frequency/quantity as 100%, so

Pure Soylent diet on 1.1-1.3 is 130%
Soylent 1.4 is about 100%, definitely less than on previous versions.


I eat each serving of Soylent with 3 g extra fiber. I find that pooping is easier nowadays. 1-2 times a day?


What Herman said… I enforce the daily morning routine with a little caffeine…


Before Soylent, once or twice weekly due to IBS. Now, once daily, in the morning. I’m pretty happy with this.


I can’t believe this is the first Soylent Discoure thread I’m ever posting on, but here goes:

Prior to Soylent, I was extremely infrequent. Maybe once a week, and usually a few courics worth. Since Soylent, I’ve gone more frequently, and it has been, sorry for this pun, a total crapshoot regarding the Bristol designation. Nonetheless, the wipe is a breeze. I strongly recommend a good set of One Wipe Charlies to help things along.