Defining Orginization


Can We Work Organization Please?

  1. The active soylent, Optimized and boosted for the athlete

  2. The Desk Jockey soylent. Reduced for the minimal performer

  3. The Super soylent. This would be the one i would be going for. Boosted with a whole bunch of stuff like blue green algae,spirulina,fish oils etc.

Title: Recipe(First letter of your first name, first 4 of your last name) and then dateAnd if you modified robs than it would be i’m thinking Rob’s 1.1


Title: Abaue (M)/A/S (Rob’s 1.3) 4/27 {3}

Inferring i Have tweaked robs recipe 3 times.

(M)/A/ = Modified By Increasing Amount

(M)/S/= Modified by subisting

(M)/R/ Modified Removed

So Than in format

Ginseng(50ug): (Subsituted) Tea
Gingko Biloba(100ug): (Increased) 200 ug
Lutein(500ug): (removed
Alpha Carotene(140ug):
Super Green Alage 1g
Cafine 1g

Feel free to Give input for organization


Do all of these exist? So far we only have Bootleg Soylent, in its many forms.


Nope, But it is what i would like to see