Dehydrated/freeze-dried and powdered whole foods


Im curious if anyone has tried using dehydrated fruits and vegetables for their DIY blend?

I’ve been switching between DIY whole foods blended (banana, yogurt, sunflower seeds, spinach, eggs, etc) and the usual powdered DIY soylent (multi-v, potassium gluconate, oat flour, psyllium, etc) for a nutrient-complete meal.
Lately, I’ve been thinking of switching the perishable whole foods (fruits and vegetables) to its dehydrated/freeze-dried counterparts in powder form for longer storage and portability.

Specially, I’m interested in using dehydrated spinach, tomato powder, dried kiwi/apple/banana in powder forms and would love to know if anyone has tried them. Curious if there would be a taste difference in a shake.


Yes, we used freeze dried blueberries, mango, banana and raspberries to flavor 100%FOOD.

If you grind them and add powder to your blend you can get a mild taste (fresh fruits are more rich).

But if you keep powder for a long time - you may get clumps, as the powder absorbs water from the air.