Dehydration on Soylent 1.2


I received my first order a few days ago and Soylent has already replaced about half of my diet. I noticed that I became very dehydrated while on Soylent, has anyone else noticed this?

If you plan on traveling with Soylent make sure you have access to plenty of water, if you are camping or hiking I would recommend taking a water filter with you instead of carrying gallons of water.


I believe they say as much when you get your soylent, as the amount of water that is typically mixed with it is less than half of your daily requirement.


They do mention that you need more water, but from my experience I need about a gallon of water ON TOP of the water added to the Soylent. Also, the effects are intense, I wake up every day with severe cotton mouth if I don’t drink a solid 20oz before bed.


How much water are you drinking throughout the day? You’re supposed to drink about a glass every few hours.


The average healthy adult male in a temperate climate should consume about a half gallon of water on top of a full day of Soylent, with wide variance depending on your specific needs. If you consume most of this during the day, then it’s not unusual to wake up a little dehydrated, though there shouldn’t be anything in particular in Soylent that would cause significant water loss so if it’s really extreme then it could be worth looking at other causes.

There have been other threads about this and in most cases people just aren’t drinking enough water due to liquid food removing the typical desire to have a drink with a meal. It could be possible that something else is going on though, not the least of which could be additional water lost in digestion if you’re experiencing intestinal irritation.

EDIT: Also if your other 50% of meals doesn’t contain much water then you’re missing out on a lot of liquid that you would be consuming if you were eating differently (or consuming 100% Soylent), so a gallon of water in that context seems pretty reasonable actually, if a little higher than average.


When was the last time you had your blood sugar checked? It may be time to check it again.


I also get dehydrated very easily on Soylent (I am currently consuming about 75% Soylent 1.3). I find I have to drink more additional water when on Soylent than off of it for a week or so. Not a big deal, but I do need to remind myself to drink a lot even when not thirsty, or I get wicked head aches.