Deliberately misleading marketing! Please stop!


I’ve been following Soylent from very early on. Initially was was promised to be sold in months. Somewhere along the line, after I had bought a month, the definition of month was adjusted to the much more practical number of 4 weeks. At the time the official word was that the website would be updated to reflect the truth, that Soylent sells in 4 week chunks as opposed to months so that going forward people wouldn’t feel gyped in the same way.

That never happened.

Up until now I had written it off as being too low a priority item to bother updating. Hanlon’s razor and all that. But now there’s a brand new website that was obviously written from scratch, and it again talks about the billing in terms of months, despite that all indications are that the billing will actually occur every 4 weeks. If I sign up for a monthly commitment of $255 I expect to be billed 12*255 = $3060 annually, and not a penny more. If you bill more than this it means you have mislead me, and given that it was a known issue that you must have revisited I can only conclude that your marketing is misleading intentionally.

You’re better than this Soylent, you are. Play it strait, tell people what they’re committing to. 13*255= $3315 is still an incredible price, one that you can be proud of, one that you don’t need to hide behind deception!

Edit: @JulioMiles just edited my subject line (and then I edited it back), what gives? If it the subject line was no longer accurate since you made the adjustment to the order form I would completely agree with editing it. But the fact of the matter is it’s still quite accurate. The marketing on the front page is still misleading, and it’s hard to see that as anything but deliberate if you took the time to change it in one place but not in the other and then further took the time to edit my subject to stop me from pointing it out.


I just worry i’ll run out with the subscription.

3 days with no soylent… I’d go insane!


It’s unlikely that will come to pass, that’s my whole point, the most likely situation is that they bill you (and send a new shipment) 13 times per year, not 12.


The subscription is 28 days of Soylent every 28 days. And that’s assuming you completely give up on Muggle food. I’m planning on going 100% Soylent, but I’m not expecting I’ll stop going out for meals with friends. Hell, it’s barbecue season. I’m not giving that up!


@JulioMiles This bugged me quite a lot, then I got over it. In reality all they need to do is label it “4 weeks” instead of “1 month” and it will be fine. Better suggestion: label it “February” - then every 4 years it will be 29 days instead =)


Right, I mean what I really want (and will probably get eventually, after things stabilize) is periodic billing that comes with a “delay button” app for my phone, so for every 3 presses of the delay button my next shipment (and bill) gets pushed back by a day. That way I could just tap a button when I eat a muggle meal and I wouldn’t end up with a stockpile.

@chris_bair yeah, me too, but now that it’s fresh again I’m here making noise again. I just don’t understand why they won’t play it strait, it’d cost them nothing.


I have similar issues with the wording,…just took a look at the site…
it does say that for a month order they will send you enough to make 84+ meals…not sure what the + is all about but maybe there is some consideration on the subscriptions where they fill u up for the remaining days? strongly doubt it but very curious what the + is all about…anyone have a clue?


on the actual credit card page it doesnt say anything about the + so idk if that was a typo or what…but yah…kinda lame…im about to drop $255 on a subscription and have extra copy about when you will receive the orders how billing will work…there should be SOME official copy explaining some of the details other than…WE WILL SEND YOU ENOUGH…people have issues with available funds and people being home to recieved orders…really seems like needed info on the order page!


I’m pretty sure the + is there to indicate that some people don’t take as much Soylent in each meal as others, and as such get more meals from the same amount of powder.


guess we fill find out the details with time…i really appreciate the effort to create soylent from scratch and the guts it took to do that…

.im gonna try to stop asking for more clarity and consideration for our understanding of communications and expectations from the soylent team…letting them do their work and hope for the best…and support the product.

the downside of that statement is now I will always expect and accept there to be some fuzziness and inaccuracy in their messaging…ill assume the product is great and the marketing or delivery to be not accurate…i hate to accept this of them but its the only way to avoid the stress of wanting accuracy in communication.


That + I’m pretty sure is just their way of saying most people consume less than what is labeled as a meal. So, eat less and get more meals!


I thought it was monthly.

Under subscription you get 28 days worth of Soylent every month & are billed every month.

Where’s the misleading information?


in that case change the name of this post to deliberately illogical marketing…for folks who want to do 100% soylent you will have to order extra besides the monthly subscription


The subscriptions were monthly (renewed the same day every month) until yesterday, when many people brought up the issue of possibly running out of Soylent at the end of each month, so we changed the 28-bag subscription to renew every 28 days.

Thanks for pointing out that this is still unclear on the subscription checkout page, I’ll get that fixed today.

We have a lot of ideas about improving the subscription process and this is one of them!

Per @dunmatt, everyone’s meal size is different: if you go by 3 meals/bag, there are a total of 84 meals in a 4 week supply, each clocking in at 670 calories. That’s a big meal, and most people get closer to 4 meals/bag, hence “84+ meals” on the site.

Nope, you’ll get 28 bags of Soylent every 28 days.


I think you’re being unreasonable about this. Even Rob isn’t 100% Soylent, and the site JUST launched. Give them time to fix this and consider it a bug, don’t point fingers and accuse them of trying to scam people. I’m sure they will make the text more clear, and frankly, if you really want to go 100% Soylent 24x7 then you should accept that it will come with a few foibles like this. Also if you managed to ignore every single piece of text stating that you would receive 28 pouches of food, and didn’t bother to count the amount in the package when you got it just to ensure you had enough - do you really think they’re trying to scam people? Do they honestly expect thousands of “monthly” subscribers to not be able to count to 30 or 31?

You could also either stretch your 28 days worth of Soylent to cover an additional 3 days, or you could just suck it up and eat muggle food for 6 to 9 meals per month. That’s less than TWO muggle meals a week.

90% Soylent I can completely understand. 100% Soylent? Good luck with that. Check back here in a year and let us know if you’ve actually managed that. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I am saying it is unlikely.


@JulioMiles: You should just make it easier on yourself and state that you are providing 84 servings. The serving size is well documented and not open to interpretation. Leave it up to the customer to determine how many meals they get from 84 servings.


+1 for Illuminerdi’s reply. You guys have to RELAX. You’re all getting way, way ahead of yourselves. First things first:

  1. Receive your Soylent. Try it out for a while. See how you like it.
  2. Reorder some. See how it goes.
  3. Repeat. Get a subscription if it feels right to you. Don’t freak out about it.



While I was reading this thread and finally came upon these last few posts an interesting scenario played out in my mind.

One where someone has been on Soylent 100% for 8 weeks then runs out. They can no longer remember life with muggle meals. They go malnourished, picked up by main stream media, and a sensationalist news headline like “Man wastes away on Soylent!” is published.

Just laughing a little at the “ant mill” effect taking place here.


not trying to be difficult…in that case the original point still stands…it says ONE TIME -$300 or MONTHLY- $255 <<could be confusing…at least it is to me.

I cant think of any other way to easily say it…but it should read something like - renewed every 28 days…or every 4 weeks or something…the word “monthly” could VERY easily be miss understood…or just…ONE TIME order / RECURRING order


Did you miss this part of his reply? They are fixing it.