Delivery boxes breaking-- anybody else have this?


I subscribe to Soylent and for the second month in a row, some of the boxes came damaged, so that when I lifted them, they broke immediately and the bottles fell all over the floor. They weren’t damaged so badly that I couldn’t use them, just dented, but it’s still obviously not great.

Has anybody else had this issue? I emailed Soylent about it just now, but I’m curious about how widespread this is.


I haven’t had this issue in the four years I’ve been a subscriber. However, my house doesn’t have outside stairs or anything conducive to breaking.


I should clarify: the boxes that broke were the 12-bottle boxes, not the larger box those boxes came in.


Weather issue? (Could cold damage the glue?)


Certainly could be a weather issue, but I’d still expect that to affect a lot more people. I’m surprised nobody else has had the same problem so far! I must be special.


Never had the Soylent box break. My last delivery from Amazon was 3 boxes and another small product all in one big shipping box; I never got it, Amazon told me it was damaged during shipping, and they re-sent it. I’m not surprised that the bigger Amazon box broke, they’re pretty flimsy and 36 bottles of Soylent are heavy, I’ve had them flex badly just as I carried them into my house.


@crace_lunker, have you gotten the squircle bottles or the new round bottles?

I could be imagining it, but the boxes with the new round bottles seem to be easier to open than the old boxes were. Like they’re either not using quite as much glue, or the glue isn’t sticking as well to the shinier boxes.


This has only happened with the new bottles (this month and a month ago). I haven’t noticed whether they’re easier to open when I open them on purpose, but if you’re right about the glue, that would explain it.