Delivery dates on each month's reorders seem to keep slipping


Hi @Soylent

I elected to set myself up with the recurring monthly shipments of Soylent (3 weeks of soylent per month), and had been planning on having Soylent replace 2/3 of my diet. But I’ve been running out way in advance of receiving the next batch due to the delivery dates slipping further and further behind. Worse, by billing date seems to have been altered so I actually missed Soylent 1.2 entirely.

I can’t wait for a more stabilized supply chain to materialize so there’s less disruption to my routine, but until then I just wanted to let the Soylent team know about my experiences and see if others are in the same position.

Here’s a breakdown of the dates my card was charged and when each order was shipped out:

  1. 1/27/2014 Initial order placed for starter kit & two weeks of
    Soylent. Received 9/04/14. Elapsed time between billing and delivery = 220 days
  2. 9/27/2014 Subscribed. Delivered 10/3/2014. Elapsed time between autobill & delivery = 6 days
  3. 10/29/2014 Billed. Delivered sometime around 11/17/2014 (tracking number provided was invalid, but shipment notification was sent on the 11th of Nov. and had to email on the 15th to find out that it’d be another 3-4 days) Elapsed time ± 19 days
  4. 12/11/2014 Billed. No shipment notification as of yet. Going on 11 days so far since billing.
    Note that my billing date happened late (don’t know why, certainly not my idea) and skipped November entirely. Had I been billed on the 27th of Nov as it was scheduled to, it would be more like 25 days.

So my questions for the group are: Are your dates slipping? Has anyone else had their billing dates pushed out? How do you pad your supply so you don’t run out?

My question for the @soylent team is basically: What gives, man?


Noticed the same thing, the last 2 months, the dates have been progressively later by about a week.


I am so frustrated with delays. I was as original backer… I think? I don’t think I backed on Kickstarter or whatever, but I first signed up in early 2014, around March. A few months go by, nothing. Then I put in a subscription order. Nothing.

After a few months, I really needed the money (to buy food!) so I cancelled both orders. Since then, I’ve found it more reliable to order off eBay. It sucks, but it’s effective. I don’t buy from the outrageous resellers (250 bucks for a week’s worth!? Yeah right), and I know some people are just getting a month or two from RL and turning around and selling it at a profit. But until RL can actually get to a point where they can support the demand, it’s my only option.

I’ve tried a couple DIY variations (making my own, 100% Food, Schmoylent) but so far Official is my favorite. Next up on my list of things to try is ketosoy, which should be delivered sometime this week or next along with my latest eBay order of Official. I’d really love to try Mana, but so far they don’t ship to US.


Yep, the dates slip back by a bit every month. (at best) You’d think it would slip forward, going by the math & date of each month. (they go by # of days, not date in the month, so I read before.) Obviously, they’ve still got some logistical issues to deal with.

At least the delays aren’t as bad as when I first signed on - over a year to get my first shipment! lol


You should better track day difference between charge and shipment, not charge and delivery.
Rosa Labs have all variables controlled between charge and shipment, unlike delivery track speed and responsiveness. It will be just more fair to ask company about the time gap that they could control

Some other forum user posted his timeline as well, about month ago, and I have seen 100% stable trend (in 4-5 data points): charge is made exactly 28 days after previous order was shipped.
If you can add shipment dates to your timeline - we will see much less random data and probably some trends.

Here is magic formula:


Based on provided data by OP and excluding obviously not significant data I can see a pattern (adding in italics my guesses and estimates):
9/27/2014 Subscribed. Probably shipped on 10/1/2014. Shipped in 4 days.
10/29/2014 Billed. Probably shipped on 11/13/2014. Shipped in 14 days.
12/11/2014 Billed. Probably shipped on or before 12/25/2014. Shipped in less or equal to 14 days.

1/22/2015 will be billed. Will be shipped on or before 2/5/2015.
I’m not saying it’s right, but that’s what exactly was announced by Rosa Labs 7 weeks ago. Hope this will help you to plan your orders and meals :wink:

This obviously covers worst case scenario. There is a lot of individual variance in those 1-14 days gap between charge and shipment.


We realize that subscribers rely on their Soylent arriving consistently to avoid gaps and frustration. Because of this, one of our main priorities is to provide regular subscription reorders that ship on the date of billing. Unfortunately, this has been decidedly non-trivial with the ever growing number of reorders as new orders are fulfilled – this has been changing the dynamics of the reorder schedule. One way we’re hoping to help with this issue is by producing Soylent with our new co-packer in the next month (10x the amount of Soylent per month). The eventual clearing of the backlog will lay to rest most of the current fulfillment woes. @stevenbwheeler and @antilight et al – we definitely appreciate your support and apologize for the evident ebbs and flow in reorder time. While we work on this, you can have multiple subscriptions going at the same time. If it’s something you’re interested in, this could allow you to stockpile as desired.


Thanks for the update - it all sounds good, except (potentially) for the above. If I was an Amazon/eBay reseller, I’d be all over that tidbit right there. Seems a bit much; ripe for abuse.