Delivery to Russia - Help!

Please, help me!

I would like to order Soylent in Russia, but the company does not deliver the product in our country.

So I decided to use the services of the virtual address in the United States to transfer a parcel.

I was shocked at the cost of courier services. The cheapest that I have found to divert parcels 28 bags - $ 150. Considering the price of $ 256 - that’s too much.

Did you give me some advice on how to reduce the cost of shipping?

DIY route is your best bet.

Not only does delivery to Russia costly, but it is also highly unreliable since Russian postal system is prone to theft/loss. A lot of online retailers place tight restrictions on shipping to Russia.

I once lost an entire shipment of meds to Russia trying to ship them, when the shipper went out of business and lost my order.

I would go to an Expat web site and see what reshipper expats are having good luck with. It was a frequent topic of conversation when I lived in Moscow in the early 2000s.

I did mail a book to Russia a few years ago as a gift, and it got to the recipient via the regular post office.

Edit: when I used the regular post office, the person I was sending the gift to gave me her work address, which was a law firm. That might have helped.

Another time, someone sent me t-shirts in Moscow via the regular post office. While they were enroute from California, my job suddenly changed its location to a cheaper address. So the t-shirts were returned from Moscow all the way back to California for no extra charge!

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You could try a European soylent, they are cheaper in logistics and compared to 1.4 which was the latest version I tried… I prefered


Shrink the earth by, say, 50% so that your package no longer has to be transported 5,000 miles.

That’s all I can think of right now.


Brilliant. The decrease in gravity from a smaller planet would lower fuel costs for flight transportation due to less perceived weight. Also, the decrease in gravity would most likely not allow the planet to hold on to most (>90%) of the atmosphere like on Mars, which would decrease air resistance and further lower fuel costs for transport.

I can’t foresee any problems with such an approach. Please proceed with planetary mass decrease.


I second the idea of going with a European “Soylent”; there’s quite a lot of them over there. Shipping from a European country should be cheaper than even the cheapest reshipper from the US.

Of course, if you find a way to shrink the Earth then that would benefit everyone! Imagine how cheap international travel could become!

I have to agree with some of the other posters, plenty European soylents to try.

See my big list, there are several products from Czechoslovakia, including the very well-reviewed Mana, and from Germany. Or if you can order from the Netherlands, there are many more from there.

It’s amazing how many people want to help the OP, who posted in Jan 2016 and has never posted since.