Demographics: Main goal=Weightloss/Main goal=Convenience


Main goal=Convenience


Main goal=Convenience


Main goal=Convenience.

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Main goal=Convenience/Health


Main goal=Convenience
Seondary goal=Improved mental performance


Main goal= Performance, Time



I want convenience and at the same time getting something healthy and easy will help me stop eating fast/junk food for breakfast and lunch. I’m hoping that with a mild workout routine and better soylent-based diet I’ll be able to lose weight.


Same as above. A constant healthy diet that’s easy to use.


45% convenience
45% weight management/health
10% for backpacking



I just got my bloodwork done (been 15 years, doctor wanted it), and the results were extremely good. So I don’t need soylent for health. I love exercise, do so 4 times a week, and am fit so I don’t need it for weight loss. When I first backed soylent, over a year ago, I was having annoying allergy problems; I figured that trying soylent would give me a strong indication whether my allergies were from food or air. But since then I’ve discovered that a daily nasal rinse keeps the allergies tolerable, so I don’t care so much where they come from at this point.

Suddenly it seems weird that I’m trying it at all. Oh well.


Regarding allergies, keep in mind that airborne allergies can still be impacted by a change in diet. My gal’s allergies completely vanished when she started on Soylent. And they were all very directly attributable to air - pollen, dust, and related airborne stuff from all the gardening & yard work she does. Now none of her former allergies bother her at all, no more congestion, stuffy headaches, itchy eyes, etc. etc.


Main goal=Convenience

Main goal=Only what my body needs

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Main Goal= Health

I eat horribly, although the last 2 years I have been improving my diet by introducing new things. I started seeing a psychologist 2 years ago to help me broaden my diet.


Main Goal=Health

My diet was pretty bad. As in very narrow and pretty much all unhealthy. I actually am trying to gain a little weight. I haven’t got Soylent yet but have been doing DIY for 4+ months. I lost a couple pounds and then stabilized. I decided to try to gain a little weight so have been over 2000 calories a day for a while. I am 5’11" male and am just under 170 pounds. I’ve been exercising a bit so that uses most of the calories over 2000. Before DIY soylent, I didn’t have enough calories (or protein) to put on enough muscle to look “normal”.


Health, Convenience, Price Factor, Weight Loss. In that order.


Main goal=Convenience


Main goal=weight loss


Main goal, convenience and health. I’ve been eating too much highly processed food.


Main goal=Weight Loss


Main goal is convenient complete nutrition. I was hoping for some natural weight loss but on fact in gaining weight on Soylent. I’m not 100% Soylent but it is allowing me to efficiently consume calories.