Desktop Molecular Printer Debuts


With obvious applications for future Soylent manufacturing, a new machine has debuted and been submitted to the prestigious journal Science. The machine can simplify, even obviate, the use of biochemical and organic synthesis of thousands of unique molecules.

Printing a custom Soylent formula?

I’ll keep you posted :wink:



Soylent, beige, cold.


Hold the slime


I dunno, I’m not all that into holding it, personally…




I vaguely have a memory of a ST:TNG episode where a character (not a regular one) said they were going to prepare a meal and Riker said in a bemused, surprised voice something like “You cook food?” I wish I could remember it better.

ETA: I looked and can’t find it but it might have been “You cook meat?” instead. I think it was the one where there on a planet and some spooky storm / monster thing comes along and kills people now and then and the woman that says she is going to cook is killed shortly afterwards by the storm / monster. And I think that is the scene that opens the episode.


Fast forward 10 years and people will be laughing at those that still wash their clothes or hair. Seriously, do you ever see anyone addressing basic laundry or hygeine in TNG? Their entire appearance is basically frozen in time.

My theory is that they have GMO’s thriving on all the odorous and oily secretions humans make over the day and that keeps us from ever needing barbaric things like soap or shampoo.

I bet they still stand under a hot shower from time to time though. Just to try to force an epiphany.


The transporter beam can filter out foreign bacteria or viruses (mentioned in the episode when Riker gets infected by some kind of thorny plant), I guess it can manage to clean the dirt too. No reason to shower, just beam from your quarters directly to the bridge…maybe have the waste removed in the process too :slight_smile:


Sounds interesting, but how much time would our bodies need to accomodate for that? I think the peristaltic movements of our intestines are important or otherwise the intestines would start to malfunction and cause more serious problems (but I’m not really an expert on that).

That also seems to be one of the reasons Soylent contains lots of fibre (or our diet in general should) - so that the waste gets formed into solid chunks that travel and cause the intestines to move. Sounds like a self-feeding loop but that’s how it currently works, as far as I know.

Maybe the solution is to…remove the intestines completely and insert nutrition directly to our blood system! :slight_smile:


Let’s just stick our brains in a robot full of sugar and vitamins and get it over with.


Headaches are a nuisance too. Let’s just upload our mind to AI and live out of renewable sources.


We are BI.

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