Detailed Nutrition Information


Hey everyone,
I was wondering what people are doing for the nutrient content that isn’t included in the USDA food base. I like to use but they tend to be missing the same information. In particular the following are elusive numbers for most foods:
I’m getting tired of searching each nutrient for every food I’m thinking of adding to the recipe and often not finding anything. I know these are present in a lot of foods. Anyone got any ins??


if you’re asking for a database that maps nutrients to ‘found-in’ foods, might help


It doesn’t list all the missing ingredients you asked for, but it has many (though an infuriating web design)

It includes:
Soluble/Insoluble Fibers
Sulfur Containing Amino Acids


@shadowhawkxx that website’s pretty slick but it’s still missing all of the nutrients I haven’t been able to find elsewhere (it appears to be using the same USDA database). I want to see, for example, how much iodine is in heavy whipping cream. I know there’s a lot in milk so there could be some or there could be very little.
@Stefan Perhaps it’s just that I can’t figure out the website but I see the ingredient of interest, and the nutrient of interest, but not how much nutrient in the ingredient?


Like I said, horrible design. Click on the food, then click on the link at the top for nutritional info (whipping cream (milk fat) is here: )
Unfortunately, it looks like they just list a “-” for iodine (which would mean it wasn’t measured since they have 0’s for plenty of other items).