Developing an allergyto Soylent over time?


I have heard of many people who eat the same food everyday for months-years eventually developing an intolerance or an allergy to that food. Is this possible with Soylent? Has anybody going 100% Soylent experienced this yet?


I had a reaction to Original flavor a while back, and it occurred after being nearly 100% Soylent for a while. Though I don’t think that was an intolerance as much as it was just a buildup of the specific oligosaccharide that they used in Original exclusively, which has been stated to cause nausea, diarrhea, bloating and other GI distress at 40g, which sounds like a lot, but at 5-6 bottles per day it will add up to that amount rather quickly. So no I don’t think it was an intolerance or allergy, but more of just a known side effect of that specific ingredient in high enough quantity. I’ve since been on Cacao at 3-6 bottles per day, depending on the day, and have not had that issue since it doesn’t have the specific oligosaccharide ingredient that Original has. I would probably still advise to incorporate one regular meal per day, such as grilled chicken with low sodium, and some kale. However, being on a largely Soylent diet is great for blood pressure it seems.


I don’t think there are many people going permanent 100% Soylent these days. I went 100% for three or four months several times with no allergic reactions, or any other bad reactions, for that matter.

I think you should treat Soylent like any other food – If you consume a lot of it and start having some undesirable symptom, consider it as a possible cause among the zillions of other possible causes.


I’ve been 90+% Soylent (powdered) for about five years or so. Most of those days were 100% Soylent.

I haven’t had any problems like allergies or similar. It’s actually one of the few foods that don’t give me problems lately…


Have you noticed increased GI distress on “normal” food after being 90%+ Soylent for a while? I’m also 90%+ and sometimes I feel my gut doesn’t handle solid food as well as it used to.


This may or may not be due to Soylent diet, it’s hard to say. As I stated in my initial post I had a reaction to a buildup of a specific oligosaccharide in Original flavor. Cacao I have no problems. I also had a couple of scary incidents after eating garlic chicken wings one day when I had been on 100% Soylent for a bit, and another incident after eating several slices of large pizza with double red sauce. The next day after the pizza I had the most painful diarrhea of my life, like a knife going through me. I really don’t know if it was because I was on 90-100% Soylent. Double red sauce and several large slices is a lot in itself, not to mention the double red sauce is extremely acidic, and I hadn’t been taking a probiotic at the time, so my GI had on and off problems. When I started taking Nature’s Way Optima my GI issues in general disappeared, although I didn’t go back to test out pizza with double sauce or garlic wings again. I haven’t been 100% Soylent on Cacao but I’ve definitely gotten close, there are several days I’ve gone 100% Soylent Cacao, and then had some chicken and rice with a friend, no issues. I did go for a long time with all Soylent Cacao and then a wrap or two at the end of the day. There are things I have to be careful of, such as caffeine, beans, spicy food, high acidity, and large hard pieces of food, but other than that I think if you chew thoroughly and wash your meal down with plenty of fluids you won’t have an issue.